Monday, October 24, 2016

I'm going to India!

Burn 24-7 
is a movement 

We are burning hearts all across the globe returning back to their first love and then taking that love to nations. Our core is communities unifying around the Presence of God for "burns" consisting of 12 to 100 hours of nonstop of worship and prayer at least once per month.  We have been doing this together as a family since 2010 and our love only continues to grow!

Our “Global Missions” arm exists carrying His presence and joy to the darkest, hardest and most impossible places on earth. Through short and long term missions teams, sent as carriers of hope, we desire to plant sustained furnaces of worship and prayer, carrying the indigenous sound of the nations. This February I am joining Burn 24-7’s worship school in India! I am hoping to visit Mumbai, New Deli, Agra, and the Punjab region, spreading the love everywhere I go! The first part of my trip consists of teaching, discipling, and encouraging leaders at their worship school. I am so pumped to be a part of this – as this is where I come alive! The second part of my trip will be spent in a local orphanage, doing work projects with indigenous leaders, working in relationship with the community. While I am there, I am planning to make myself available in whatever ways needed. I would love to sow into them and their needs, as well as be an ambassador of love. I feel a deep connection with the children there - spending time with them, showing them how loved and beautiful each of them are as children of God.

There are many nations around the world where we have trained, raised up and launched teams and individuals to carry and impart this sustained fire. Brandon and I have personally joined in many of these trips all over the United States, also including, Ireland, Guatemala, Israel, and India (in 2013). We LOVE being apart of what God is doing in the rest of the world!Every year, we take teams of worshipers, musicians, and intercessors all over the world for trips packed with explosive supernatural outreach as we serve, build, love, and encourage! We believe no nation is too hard, no people group is unreachable, and all things are possible through Jesus and the revelation of His beauty! Help us touch the world! We are a flame of love ready to start a fire! If you would like to support me this year and my trip to India please connect! Whether financially or with time or resources. All is invited! There are many ways to support us! Contact me to find out how! Thank you family and friends for continuing to ride the waves with us!

Crystal Jackel 

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