Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're moving!


You heard us right! We are now proud owners in the middle of the country!
We've been talking about moving now for a while, along with farming, homestead living, and living communally. We've had a house church in the city now for about 2 years and the love for community has continued to grow in our hearts for some time now. We never knew how the Lord would really move us out in this way, we just trusted He would, in His time. Here's a picture of the property! 12.4 acres, two houses, over 7,000 sq. feet of living space, 10 bedrooms, 4  kitchens, 7 full baths, and a whole lot of space ready for lovin'!
 The story behind this property is divine! There is no other explanation other than God hand-picked and made provision for it. Appraised at close to half million dollars, we were salivating with the potential when we first viewed the house. Brought to our attention by a close friend who knew we wanted to live communally, we went in hope to hear the Lord if this was "the one". The moment we enter the property line, with several confirmations along the way, our spirits literally filled with joy with the presence of God! Barely able to stand, we realized this was it! We had looked at other properties, but never with this much assurity, this much witness in our spirits. At this time, the price had just been reduced to about half of what the property was valued at. Though a steal for anyone, it was still out of our budget. So we waited, sought the Lord, and waited some more. A couple months after we viewed the place we decided to ask the owner if she would be interested in "rent to own". And to our disappointment (at the time), our realtor suddenly tells us the owner can't because she has decided to put the property up for auction that weekend! We were really crushed. Had we heard God correctly? Was it in our own heads? Is it not time? So many questions along the way, but continued to trust God. So we continued to believe the property was ours, despite the circumstances. Brandon even went out to the property just to seek the Lord and, again, he falls under the Spirit of God! We knew God was going to do a wonder, it was time to stand on what we were hearing.

The day of the auction we were nerved! I never had so many butterflies ever! It would be nothing short of a miracle for purchasing the property, especially since we could only afford about 1/4 of what the property was valued at. We had no back up plan, we just waited it out. There were only two other buyers at the auction, and a few people from the neighborhood spectating. We had heard later on how there were others wanting to be there for the auction, but for whatever reason, out of town or whatever, could not be there. I believe it was all God (big grin). Well, by now you know who the highest bidder was that day! You bet! Here's the best catch - because it was an auctioned home we also inherited it completely furnished! God had the plan; He made the way. And once again, God proved himself in the BIG dreams! Dream big with God and watch Him do incredible things!

Here's a picture of a couple of the rooms in the big house. There will be some work that needs to be done in the large home, but the rooms themselves are in beautiful shape. The chalet is completely redone and needs no work! The best part about the chalet is its solar paneling that powers all the heating/cooling fans. There's also a beautiful wood burning stove in it. LOVE!

Here's the phenomenal backyard. Great for company, bon-fires, connecting with God, or even hunting! There is a lot of foliage and woods, along with two creeks that run parallel to one another through out the property. This place is beyond therapeutic! Which is why Brandon plans on using one of the back sun rooms as a massage therapy treatment room.

And here is the most exquisite sight of Lake Canandaigua, right in the front view of both the homes. There's several porches that lead to the enjoyment of this spectacular outlook. The heart of Naples right here - wine country, seven minutes from Bristol Mountain, surrounded by beauty and bliss everywhere - this place stole my heart!
A side note! Covenant Home (the house church in the city) continues to meet and plans to continue sowing into the city of Rochester. We do not see this move as a means of closing a door in the city, but as God's means to expanding us beyond the city! A lot of love in this heart!!!

Blessings to all our good family and friends following our adventure! We love you so much! We know some of you think we're a little crazy, but you continue to believe in us....and to us that means the world! XOXO

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