Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double trouble for clothe

So I decided to do another blog on clothe diapering, but this time I'm coming from a perspective of having TWO in clothe at the same time!!!

Click to see my blog on cloth diapering and its benefits.

Here's my babies sporting their "green" bottoms.

But I'm gonna be real....it wasn't easy. I'm gonna be honest...clothe is not for everyone.

I decided to blog about some of the struggles I've had with clothe. I'm still advocating for clothe and I still think its the better way to go. But instead of being unrealistic about it, I also want to talk about the struggles I've had with it.

The first is the fact that I am doing laundry EVERYDAY! With two in clothe, the ammonia smell that stems from my bag is almost deathly after 24 hours. :/ So if I want to keep the house smelling pleasant, I've got to always have the laundry soap on hand.

I soon found out that you can't do clothe without a water sprayer connected to your toilet. I tried the whole "scrape the diaper" thing before the second baby arrived and it was just not cutting the poopies. So, if you're gonna do clothe, get a sprayer (and be prepared for lots of hand washing).

Another problem we ran into is rashes. Many will tell you because there is no chemicals in clothe they don't cause rashes. Not true! Urine, once oxidized, is chemical! And it hurts your babies bum just sitting in it. Unlike disposables that are designed to pull away from the butt, clothe does not. Though changing a clothe diaper doesn't take any longer than changing a disposable, you will probably be changing more often.

Would I go back if I could?

No I wouldn't. Clothe is hard work, but you work for disposables as well. I save about $2,000 for each child I use clothe on. Crazy, right?

And I feel good about not contributing to the e. coli in our water because of feces being dumped in trash cans and not our sceptic tanks.

i also feel really good about knowing my children aren't absorbing any harsh chemicals into their porous skin from bleached-out diapers.

And though I hate another load of laundry added to the pile, I know in my heart that i am having good stewardship over what God has given me the grace to do as their mother.

Plus side too is that Abigail potty trained by 23 months. I mean, full blown, no diaper even at night, by 23 months....so we starting training a couple months before. She actually refused to wear the discomforting diaper. She would hit her private parts after going to the bathroom in her diaper. So we knew she was ready.

And I am looking forward to the cute summer outfits to partner with their fun and fashionable diapers

The girls sure are cute!!!

If you're considering clothe and live in the Rochester area I know a great distributor who does a $15 trial week with all the different kinds of clothe. Great for first timers!!!

Or...you can ask me and I can help :)

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