Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's official...

we're having a home birth!

And to my own surprise. In fact I was not thinking about having a home birth at all until one night I had a dream. It's one of those dreams where you wake up and you don't need convincing it's God. I was so impacted by the dream I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. And immediately when morning came I began my search for a mid-wife in the area who could possible do a home birth. I didn't even know how much it would cost, or even if I could make the switch this late in the game (23 weeks), but I couldn't let go of it. And I knew the greatest challenge would be convincing Brandon. When the hubby was game, I knew it was really God :-)

Although the reasons for deciding to give birth at home vary, most families in this country who choose home birth share a belief that birth is a natural physiological process, not a medical condition which routinely needs intervention, and therefore can safely take place outside the hospital. Also common is the feeling that labor, birth, and early newborn / parent interaction are events which are facilitated and enhanced by the continuity, security, and familiarity of the home environment. In addition, for some families, the decision to birth at home may be driven by a desire to take greater personal responsibility for the entire birth experience. A wish for more decision-making authority is often a motivating factor when families have had a disappointing previous hospital experience and wish to have a more enjoyable subsequent birth. Whatever your reasons for considering home birth, you can rest assured that for healthy, low-risk women experiencing normal pregnancies, studies indicate that home birth with a trained attendant can be a safe option.

So I share this to say we are embarking on something very exciting for our family. It's something that may have terrified me in the past, but now has brought so much peace that it terrifies me to do the former. I had one friend tell me the other day "you're brave", but I tend to think women with low risk pregnancies are brave to have their children in hospitals. I only know what I've experienced. And it's exciting to see God make this birth all the more intimate for our family and our precious daughter in waiting <3

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