Friday, March 25, 2011

CD recording...

I'm doing it because God told me to. But to be really honest it makes me a little uncomfortable.
i think because its stuff I've it makes me feel, kinda, put out there. But I've had a lot of encouragement from others, and for that I thank you!

Holly has been a huge help. In fact, not only did she help with the CD (both playing and producing), but she's always there when I need her. She has been doing the Sanctity of Life worship with me since Brandon and I started in '07!

That's John over in the right. He's great! I actually met him and his wife in Washington D.C. while we were attending The Call. They lead Bound4LIFE we have a lot in common! And he drove all the way to Avon to help with the CD.

Maureen is a HUGE asset to the face of worship! She is so in love with Jesus and her worship through her violin is absolutely breath-taking! She is truly one who worships in spirit and truth. She gave this recording something that I could not. So thankful for her!

And here's Matt. And Matt's been a buddy since he moved to Rochester. He's helped with SEVERAL worship opportunities and he is always so creative and gifted on the drums. Not to mention, that he seriously keeps me laughing throughout the whole day recording. And sometimes....i just just need to laugh.

Thank you friends for your help and encouragement to move forward in this. if anyone has any fund-raising ideas for finishing the CD we would love to the CD is still in process of being financed. But what's awesome is that it provides another outlet for bringing in support for Bound4LIFE and Rochester Burn. Our goal is to have it out by Christmas :-)

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and goodness to us.

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