Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birth Control and Natural Family Planning

There's something that I have really been wanting to share, and with the help of some girlfriends, feel compelled to share. I meet a group of young mothers every Thursday where we talk about various things God puts on our heart. I recently shared with them my deep convictions on why I do not believe birth control was God's plan or design and why. I rarely share those convictions for fear of offending someone or making someone feel violated or invaded by my own thoughts and opinions. While I thought the outcome may not be positive, a lot of the women were thankful i had shared because they never knew the things I spoke about. Hence, I decided that would share on this blog my deep convictions on why I believe in natural family planning. It's not to make anyone feel guilty about using contraceptives, but only to aid you in evaluating what God's desires would be for your own family. I, too, was on Jasmine for my first year of marriage. When God began to speak to me about his desires for me to no longer be on birth control I blew it off as if I were hearing incorrectly. Trust me, being off birth control, at the time, didn't seem like an option. But it was a Voice i couldn't ignore. I had several people randomly start to talk to me about how birth control was abortion, and I would fight with myself inside thinking that were wrong and confused. I couldn't let go of all the studying i had done before making the decision to be on the contraceptive. "This can't be," i thought. "It doesn't make's not what my doctor said." Needless to say, I got pregnant with Abigail the day I stopped taking Jasmine, which frightened me indeed. And I couldn't help but question, "Lord, have I ever aborted one of your children?"

If still not convinced after reading this blog, here's a nice short video on the deeper positives of natural family planning:

My explanation:

Birth Control Pills and How they Work:
There are two basic pills - combination and mini pills and both work in the same manner. They both act to prevent the release of an egg form the ovary (ovulation). However, women can and do experience breakthrough ovulation - meaning that an egg is released from the ovary and is available to be fertilized by the sperm. Both types of pills also cause the cervical mucus to thicken, making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. It is possible, though, for the sperm to break through and to fertilize (a.k.a. conception) the egg. If the egg is fertilized....BAM!, conception has happened.

So the question is....when does life begin? For political reasons, the working definition of pregnancy has changed over the years from..."beginning at fertilization" to...."beginning at implantation".

This is why your doctor can tell you that the pill never aborts a baby (pregnancy). You see both types of pills change the lining of the uterus. this makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the five-to-seven day old baby to attach to the lining of your uterus, where it would receive the nourishment needed to grow. If the baby does not attach successfully to the lining of your uterus, he/she dies and is expelled from the body during menstruation. This process is known as a chemical abortion and is why the pill is referred to as an abortifacient. The lower the dosage of the pill, the more likely it is to work by causing a chemical abortion.

BUT God teaches us that life begins the moment a sperm and egg meet. He said He knew that child, yet, before it were born. The pill does not keep you from getting pregnant, but it will keep you from having children. What will it take for us to really trust God in this way?

There is a great book you can get at your library called The Art of Natural Family Planning by John F. Kippley, Sheila K. Kippley or you can visit this website for some tips. There are usually doctors and nurses who specialize in NFP in your area as well that you could look up. I encourage to seek God's heart in light of this. I thought I had heard from God, but it took a second look and a willingness in my heart to hear God speak differently.


  1. Well said Crystal. I am in the same boat you are, and only talk about this topic if the listener seeks it out. The Lord spoke to me after a couple years of marriage, and wow, what a burden off my shoulders the minute I surrendered this area to Him. We are so blessed with the six gifts He has given us, and would never want it any other way. May the Lord bless and prosper your family as you follow His leading.

    Much love,
    Heidi Levendusky

  2. I did my research when I was at Elim after my cousin told me how birth control worked. I kept trying to find a loop hole - a chemical form that worked without being an abortifacient. But every single one I checked did just that.

    We haven't followed NFP really closely, thusly our 3 children, but I am comfortable with my decisions to not use chemical birth control.

    I am encouraged to see others blogging and talking about the subject. I have encountered a fair bit of controversy when I speak up, so I often hesitate to say anything.

    Your girls are beautiful. :)

  3. I'm glad you shared this with the group and here on your blog... women really need to hear this from someone who can explain it so well and without judgement. I've been aware of everything you wrote here since about 2 and a half years ago when I read a similar post from someone else and was so intrigued to find it's validity, I poured into the research myself... but have always felt awkward talking to anyone about it being that I'm not married and/or trying to not have a baby. I'm thankful for people like you who aren't afraid to speak up on the matter, and it's become my experience that more and more people are becoming to receptive to these facts than even just a couple years ago and that's awesome!

  4. Thank girls so much! It's amazing to see so many people really blessed by what I shared or agreeing with it as well. Maybe in the moments that I chose to be silent, God gives us more wisdom on why we do the things we do. So that in times when we do share it will not be condemning or demeaning, but that it could be communicated in love and with the heart of God.

    Amanda, I completely understand. There are moments where I have deep conviction on parenting and discipline but reserve my thoughts because I have yet to have a child over the age of two. I guess, the blessing is in the fact that God is preparing you for the time before it comes, just as He is preparing me to one day to have teenagers. :)

  5. Heidi, as you have trusted God, Your family never ceases to bless me!

  6. Susie, guess I wish I would have connected with you at Elim about this:D Maybe I would have never decided to go on birth control at all.

  7. Crystal,
    I love your post. Good job!

  8. Hi Crystal :) This is so great to hear. I too, was on the pill for an (EXTREMELY) short period of time as a newlywed. I still really cant explain/put into words the exact reason why I wanted to get off the birth control at the time, other than just a nagging "didn't feel right about it" feeling. Well, I stopped taking them alright - resulting in me getting pregnant 6 weeks into our marriage!! But I've learned how to plug into that 'unsettled' feeling, and take it to the Lord until we have resolve. I hope to have this conversation with my daughters someday and will trust the Lord to lead me in that as well :) Thanks, Ryann


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