Thursday, June 3, 2010

My "green" babies

Clothe isn't for everyone, but if you're looking to save on the dollar, its the way to go. Forget the old folds and pins. Now they make clothe just as easy as disposables. The only time spent will be the extra load of laundry at the end of your day. But if you're willing to take the extra 15 minutes to load your washer it could save both the waste produced in our landfills and your wallet.

Here a great exert from my provider - And a wonderful break-down of what you save:)

Why Choose Cloth?
Better for Baby
  • Children are much more comfortable in cloth diapers versus diapers made of plastic and paper.

Fun colors and patterns to make diapering fun.
  • 93% less likely to get diaper rash than disposables
  • Disposable diapers contain Dioxin, Tributly-tin(TBT) and Sodium Polyacrylate just to name a few chemicals. While cloth diapers contain, well cloth.
  • The use of disposable diapers has been scientifically linked to male infertility with young men who wore disposable diapers as babies.
  • The largest organ in the human body is the skin.Cloth diapers protect your child's tender parts in ways that single-use diapers can't. Did you know that single-use diapers have up to 60 known chemicals in them? 

  • Your child will be doing great things for the earth from their very first day! Using cloth diapers saves trees, sensitive wildlife habitats, petroleum, landfill space and helps to reduce Global Warming!

Better for the Environment
  • By the age of three the average child will have used 8,736 diapers that are sitting in a landfill that we currently do not the decomposition time of. 

  • Cloth diapers can be resold or reused as rags to cut back on environmental waste.

  • One child in disposable diapers will require 20 trees, 420 gallons of petroleum and generate one ton of garbage!

  • It takes 20 trees to diaper one child for 2.5 years. 

  • It takes up to 200 years for a single-use diaper to decompose. That means every disposable diaper ever made is still in a landfill somewhere!

  • It takes 2/3 cup of petroleum to produce just ONE single-use diaper!

Better for You (and your pocketbook)
  • It’s Cheaper!
  • Cloth diapering is a growing trend amongst young parents.
  • Fun colors and patterns to make diapering fun.
  • More convenient…That’s right More convenient! No more running to the store because you are almost out of diapers. Just throw a load of laundry in and you are all set!
  • Cloth diapers are re-usable for future children just like baby clothes or a crib.

  • Studies show that a child in cloth diapers will potty train 6 months to one year earlier than a child in single use diapers.Saving your family hundreds of dollars!

  • Cloth diapering is easier than ever. Huge strides have been made in the past few years with cloth diapering accessories. These new accessories make cloth diapering easier and more fun then ever.

  • When you use LUVABOOS, you not only benefit the global community by using a sustainable form of diapering; but, you also contribute to our local community.

Newborn size:168 diapers at .25/diaper=


Size 1: 448 diapers at .22/diaper=


Size 2: 490 diapers at .25/diaper=


Size 3: 1920 diapers at .30/diaper=


Size 4: 1095 diapers at .35/diaper=


Size 5: 1825 diapers at .39/diaper=


Pull-Ups: 70 pull ups at .41/pullup=



Add disposable wipes bought in bulk:




*Figures based on a real 3 year old! Sized Pocket Diapers

Size Small: 24 diapers (based on 15.95 each)


Size Small Inserts: 24 (range between$3.-$6. each)


Size Medium: 24


Size Medium Inserts: 24


Size Large: 24


Size Large Inserts: 24


Cloth Wipes: 24


Small Wet bag for travel


Pail liner


Toilet/Shower Sprayer




*Keep in mind this is one of the top of the line, most convenient ways to cloth diaper!
Total Savings: $1,389.57
One Size Pocket Diapers

One-Size 24 diapers (based on 18.95 each)


Cloth Wipes: 24


Small Wet bag for travel


Pail liner


Toilet/Shower Sprayer




*We highly recommend the One-Size system for families with 2 in diapers or if you are pretty sure this is your last baby! Otherwise in the long run a sized diaper option will last longer as the diapers are used less per child.
Total Savings: $2,519.72

Want more info? Click here for a local business of Rochester, NY Also there is a great blog I've been reading if you're not convinced yet!

Luvaboos give you an opportunity to try clothe for $15 before you purchase. This wonderful if its completely new to you and you don't know which clothe you would like to buy.

I'd be lying if I said the money saving wasn't what sold me. I love going green and keeping waste to a minimal and recycling, but I was convinced when I knew my pocket money would stay in my pocket.

I have personally spent about $500 on clothe diapers and I have two babies in clothe and I am a working mother. Just goes to show you anyone can do it! I have saved our family $420.00 thus far and the number continues to grow as they grow. By the time they both hit the age of 2 I will have saved our family nearly $1500. Now thats a pretty penny and worth every load of laundry!

It's worth looking at for all you mothers and future mothers...

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