Friday, June 11, 2010

Drink it up!

I just got a new water bottle.....
it holds 72 oz.

So, this is a little reminder...DRINK UR WATER!

Drink half your body weight in ounces :-)

Some fun water facts:

Water is the basis and essential of all life, and that includes your body. One can go quite a few days without food, but no one lasts longer than 3 to 5 days without water. Chronic dehydration is very common and it might be the root cause of many illness and diseases. Water is about 80% of an infant's weight, 70% in adults and 60% in the elder. The older we get, the less water we drink, and the more ailments we develop latter in life, all could be as simple as not drinking enough water every day.

Dehydration occurs when the body receives less water than it required. When your body is lack of water:

- By 1%, creates extreme thirst. Your mouth is dry. By now, your body has already started to malfunction. Never wait until you feel thirsty to drink water.
- By 5% can cause a slight fever.
- By 8% will cause glands to stop producing saliva, skin starts to turn blue
- By 10%, your tongue will swells, your kidneys started to fail, muscles go into spasms and you will have trouble walking.
- When you are 10% short of water, your skin will crack, organs will grind to a halt and you may die!

Why is water important to humans?

1. The majority of every cell in the body is made up with water
2. Water is the major part of the sweat, tears, and saliva
3. It is the biggest part of the blood and lymph systems, carrying food and oxygen to the cells and carrying away waste out of the body
4. It helps control the blood pressure by balances the electrolytes
5. Water flushes the kidneys to get rid of toxic substances in the body
6. It helps moisten the eyes, mouth, and nasal passages
7. It regulates the body temperature, keeps it cool when it is hot and insulates the body from cold
8. It is also a shock absorber to cushion the body's organs
9. It lubricates joints so you can move without pains
10. Good water can provide many of the trace minerals that the body needs

We need water not only for drinking, but also for everything else in our daily life. We need water to cook, to wash, to clean, to flush, to grow and endless other things. The earth is 70% covered with water for a reason. But there are only about 2% is fresh water. Learn to preserve and appreciate the most precious resource of life and always supply our bodies with the freshest, cleanest and most natural water. Our health and well-being depend on it.

About 70% of the bodies' weight is water. It is the very thing the body needs most. Water is accountable for many body functions. Drinking enough clean and fresh water not only improves your overall health and well-being, it may also prevent you from many ailments and sicknesses. Give your body the quality water it deserves and in turn, it will serve you with the optimal health and appearance you have always desired. For the best possible water for your health, right from the faucet, for pennies per gallon, please visit After all, who wants to fill 70% of their bodies' weight with impurities, toxins and chemical treated water?

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  1. The crazy part is that it's such a simple fix - to carry a bottle around and have a sip or two - it's even super cheap. Yet so many of us don't drink enough.

    I'm trying hard to drink enough water at the moment. Someone I know has just suffered a number of health problems, the cause probably being that he regularly does not drink enough water. I'm finding that it takes effort to start with, but once you form a pattern it just becomes normal.


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