Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Am Lovesick

All I want is to see you,
Face to face
Closer than how Moses spoke to you
i want to touch you
feel you
even buy you roses.
For Your worth is far above anything in time or space.

For You are God.
With no shape or form
but then You created me out of Your heart
so Your image would be seen.
And how lovely You are my Love.
And i am....
.......completely in love.

i want to enter Your world
to see through Your eyes.
Come, Perfect One
and consume me,
baptize me,
love through me.

All wisdom, all understanding is Yours.
and now it's mine.
just because i love You.
Just because I've chosen to enter Your world.
And there, everyday, I have to choose to stay,
Just as You have kept all Your promises to me.

i am lovesick, my God.
The well in me can't be kept silent.
It bursts with joy,
bursts with a song
a song of love
....and revelation

You are a River and I am an olive tree
Many years i wait for your waters to bring forth my fruit
and when it comes,
oh how good it is!
It's oil is better than wine
just like your love is better than life.
And life is now worth living when I am in love.

yes, it's true
i am in love with You.

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