Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

This post is a special post, not just because I'm a mother, but to the many women out there who have sacrificed themselves to love the precious gifts given to them.

I want to say thank you mothers! Today I am meditating on the life of Susanna Wesley. Did you know she had 19 children? Well, 10 children who were actually born and 9 miscarriages. This extraordinary women has propelled my own mothership in a several of sorts. Her husband also abandoned her where she literally learned how to pray and war to keep her family together! It is my conviction her demonstrated life of intercession and loyal motherhood that lead to the great Charles and John Wesley stories we all so often hear about to this day.

As mothers we have an incredible amount of influence and power that has been granted us through our children. And if we have the priveledge of being home with our children, its even more powerful the transforming love a mother's love, presence, support, prayers can catapult a child into their God-given destiny and purpose. Motherhood is practical and calls for us to be committed to even tedious, mundane tasks everyday....but it also very supernatural! Apart from the incredible life that comes from our wombs, we have been given a special anointing and mandate from God, even entrusted by God, to raise and lead His very own. What a honor!

So to all my mothers out there, to all the women who has taken a child under their wing, to all the virtuous, loyal, committed women who have entrusted their lives to the King.....I honor you today! You are priceless diamonds in the Kingdom!

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