Saturday, May 21, 2011

burgers and steak fries

So every pregnancy I've been anemic so I've been eating a lot more red meat and spinach this time around! But since we only eat locally raised grass-fed beef it can sometimes get hard on the budget. So with grilling season here ;-) I've been reserving our ground beef for some hearty cheeseburgers! I just added salt, pepper, garlic powder and little worcheshire sauce to my beef...roll into patties and threw on the grill. easy enough right?!

oh....and the drink is just pineapple juice and sparkling water with some lime. alcohol free and VERY tasty for summer time for all your preggos out there!

here's the lovely meal! And it was delicious! We paid about $3.89/lb and with 1.17 lbs. we got 5 burgers out of it. That's less than a $1 a burger, so its more reasonable for us than buying cuts like steaks, chucks or ribs. (Although I love those too!)

We get our beef from Seven Bridges Farms. They're located in Lima, but they also come to the Rochester Public Market every Saturday (they also do chicken and pork).

Something special I did for the burgers was pan fry some breaded onions. My husband loves onion rings on his burger so i just fresh cut some onions myself, breaded them and pan fried them. I personally thought they tasted way better than onion rings.

And lastly steak fries to top off a great burger! I just cut 6 medium sized organic potatoes into strips, drizzle them with olive oil or coconut oil and sea salt them. Put them in the oven at 425 for about 40 min (I like my crispy so may be less time if like them softer) - occasionally turning them a few times in the oven every 10 min.

What an easy and fun summer dinner!

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