Tuesday, May 17, 2011

high fructose corn syrup and sugar debate

So i feel like the heat on the whole CORN debate continuing to escalate and so I decided to do a small thoughtful process on what I really think about high fructose corn syrup. here's what inspired it all -

Sweet Surprise's ridiculous commercial:

Thankfully I've had plenty of research and learning under my "real" foods journey to know that high fructose corn syrup and sugar ARE NOT the same thing, but for a vast majority of people who don't have the exposure to the history of what has been happening with our food, it would be real easy to believe the propaganda of this commercial.

Apart from high fructose corn syrup being yet another processed food we consume made from corn, it is guarantee that it will be genetically engineered corn as well. And anytime we mess with God's design there's problems for me. I highly recommend Michael Pollan's book Omnivore's Dilemma. In his book he breaks down the GEO corn process, starting with a soak in sulfuric acid to break down the corn similar to the way it breaks down in our digestive system. This is how we are able to have the many parts of corn in so many different processed foods (whey, gluten, sugars, syrups, starch, big words we don't understand like xanthan gum, maltodextrin and zein and the list is much larger). Don't let us be fooled, our body processes GM products differently than whole foods. And, yes, even, raw sugar is a whole food because its a real food, from a real unaltered source.
Sugar comes from this:

:not this

For those who believe that your body processes HFCS the same as raw unaltered sugar, please consider this: "sucrose raises blood glucose and then crashes it, below fasting baseline, within 25 minutes of ingestions -- A FACT. This is why HFCS is being linked to diabetes rising in North America. HFCS or crystalline fructose or hydrolyzed fructose from inulin, convert to triglycerides and adipose tissue, within 60 minutes of ingestion, not blood glucose -- A FACT." - Dr. Mercola. That's those transfats everyone wants and talks about staying away from people! Real sugar does not break down this fast and you don't have the same "crash and burn" effects after eating unrefined raw sugar either. And I'm sure all of us mommies can testify to that when we see the reactions in our children's behavior to a piece of cake vs. an apple.

here's a rendition of the real truth behind high fructose corn syrup of the same commercial some students put together. And it's quite hilarious!

And just for my own entertainment here is one more video review on the commercial....a little more professional:)

So, what are your thoughts about the HFCS debate?

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