Thursday, May 26, 2011

my wishlist

Typically if you've had more than one child and all the same gender, it only seems logical that there would be no need for a baby shower. It's true. I really don't need a baby shower and there really isn't a desire to have one either. But what happens to all those things you really desire for the new baby? Does that mean she gets everything used, worn and well lived-in hand me downs? I'm also reconsidering the whole logic behind baby showers lately anyways and exploring creative ways of blessing each and every baby (and mom) coming into this world with or without a baby shower. Anyways, I've decided to create myself a "wish list" just because there are just so many new things I want for this next coming arrival :-)

And I just may have to get some of them!

Wanna see my wishlist?

a (stand-on) triple stroller

Beco Baby carrier

Nursing Cover

Nap Nanny Chill recliner

Wide-neck glass bottles
Organic Back-pack diaper bag

Children's book for homebirth

Summer infant super seat

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