Tuesday, August 6, 2013

run the race

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:24

This summer I decided to do things I've never done. 
It was trying. It was long. It was hard.

Myself, Mom and Sister (Cheri) all finished Irongirl 2013!
I can honestly say, even with some days crying through the training, God can empower you to do anything you put your heart in! 

Cheri and I about to dive in!
So I took on the challenge, my half marathon in the Spring and Irongirl this past weekend. And with the inspiration of my parents. I couldn't help but be encouraged to go the extra mile. 

Honestly, I wanted to continue to expand our family but my body couldn't keep up. I knew if we were to continue to have healthy children I would need to do something about my health. A part from the added weight of my pregnancies, I developed bone issues, with both my teeth and internally. If you remember I wasn't able to walk last summer because I broke my ankle. I was desperate for a radical change. 

BIG KISS from my #1 cheerleader after finishing the race!

It's been quite the journey of getting healthy and allowing the Lord to show me how its worship to treat our bodies the best we can by living well - eating well - moving well.

Before my journey
I am blessed!

Things that helped me make the plunge:
1. Make a goal 
Mine was Irongirl but maybe yours is a 5K or losing a certain amount of weight, etc.
2. Get loved ones on board. 
I couldn't have done it without my husband's encouragement and agreement during the process.
3. Just start! 
Even if you can't run a mile, just start in 5 minute intervals. There's no shame in starting small.
4. Manage your time. 
Mark your calendar or even get a training regiment online.
5. Worship while you work.
Unless you count it as a spiritual journey as much as a physical one you'll never reap the full benefits. And the longevity of it is a lifestyle, not an instance fix for weight-loss or anything similar in nature. The point is not to "look" a certain way but to bring glory to God through your physical body. If thats the motivation you WILL accomplish what you're going after.

I encourage you, if you seem stuck set yourself a goal. It was I needed. I was so tired. I had my children so close together and they were so young. I thought I didn't have the time, and I lacked the self-confidence. BUT GOD, it gave me strength where I know I didn't have it. And with joyful tears I'm proud to be an Irongirl! (smiles)

For His glory,

If you struggle with food addiction I highly encourage you to seek help! Its ok and there are many who are right with you! Try a FREE Bible study here at Setting Captives Free. Its a 60 day intense study, implementing fasting and accountability that you are sure to be blessed by. 

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