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Struggling with weight

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I'm writing this because my daughter (Crystal) suggested that I may be able to help others by gleaming from my experience of dealing with excess weight. I didn’t even realize how much of a weight problem I developed over the years. It was as if I was living in denial. I was just like the frog that boiled to death and didn’t even know it. Put a frog in water, and when the water temperature is increased, ever so slightly, the frog will eventually boil to death without a chirp.

Another thought that comes to mind is when I used to smoke. I would say, “I really like to smoke.” Then one day I realized, I didn’t like it when I first tried it. Funny, the first time I tried a smoke I coughed and hacked through the whole experience. Eventually I turned addict, and denial set in. Slow weight gain can act the same way. Eventually you’re eating your way to an unhealthy lifestyle, and potentially an early grave.

Truth is, I’ve always had a problem with weight and for awhile I kind of controlled it by smoking (curved my appetite). Smoking is a TERRIBLE habit, and it took all I had to give it up. But it's worth it! It was about ten years ago when I quit, and like so many others before me, I began packing on the weight. I gradually put on about 50 lb growing from 190 to 240. In my mid 40’s the doctor put me on blood pressure medication, and most recently was introduced to a C-Pap machine, a unit helping you breath at night. The real issue was keeping my wife up all night with loud snoring, also caused from large deposits of fatty tissue in my nasal and throat passages. Everything was weight related! It was time I woke up from the denial.
(Me, back in the day)
Like the frog or the confident smoker, I didn’t see myself as being THAT overweight. I was blind, looking in the mirror, still seeing myself as if I was in high school. Now that’s funny! Here’s a guy 50 lbs over-weight, approaching 50, and thinks he’s still all that hunk! Then my youngest began to struggle with excess weight. As the years went by, the problem continued to grow and I didn’t know what to do. The situation affects the family dynamics, long with my marriage, and we still struggle with the best approach with what to do. So, we pray……continually.

It was praying and asking on behalf of my daughter when God answered. "Son," He said, "how can you expect anything from your child that's not operating in your own life first?" That’s it! Soon after the Lord spoke this to me, my employer had enlisted Weight Watchers to help employees lose weight. I jumped at the opportunity!

BEFORE and AFTER: Going for a run w/Brandon
So, now I'm 40 lbs (soon to be 50) lighter, off the blood pressure meds, off the C-Pap machine, all after changing my diet! WW is teaching me healthy ways to eat and how to listen to my body's hunger signs. I'm no longer addicted to food. They promote a lower fat, low carbohydrate intake while increasing protein and fiber. Regular exercise is also important (1/2 hour of exercise a day). I didn’t do that right away. So if your new to it, it's ok. I started very gradual, running further and further every week. And now I'm running 6 miles consistently! I never thought I'd be doing that at 50! If I can do it, you can do it too!

If you're struggling with getting healthy I HIGHLY encourage you to begin changing your diet and eating whole foods that are natural and nutrition-dense. This is what your body needs.

WW also introduced me to a varied number of supplements that I found beneficial and take on a regular basis:
  1. Psyllium husk – (2) table spoons every morning – See , or read about it on Dr. OZ.
  2. Chia seeds – Great fiber super supplement, put in all kinds of food, reduces points for yogurt from (2) to (1) point because of the extra fiber. See:
  3. Astaxanthin (10 gm) – (1) a day. Great antioxidant.

2012 brings in a new era at the Poirier household. My wife has embraced most of the new changes and has 110% supported the healthy lifestyle approach (it works best when everyone’s in the same boat). Our general practitioner has given my youngest approval to join WW this year and we find that the new insurance will cover some of the cost. So, here's to a year surrounded by God’s favor (2 Peter 3-11)!! Be blessed!

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