Saturday, January 21, 2012

overcome by presence....

It’s hard to describe glory! In fact it’s almost impossible. If God’s ways are higher than our ways how does one articulate glory! When His presence comes everything is caught up in a swirl of love, wonder, awe, thankfulness, anticipation, suspense, and power. Before you know it you get plowed by His spirit because you’re laughing, shouting, crying, and trembling all at once. What brings this... incredible array of heaven? Is it music? Song, melody, heart, rhythm, and harmony being the vehicle of heavenly joy. Maybe it’s our prayers. Supplication, thanksgiving, petitioning, decreeing, interceding and groaning attracting the heart of God. Nevertheless a broken heart and a contrite spirit He does not despise. This is the extent of what our senses perceived in that prayer room. And this is just a taste of even greater things to come.

Leaving the House of Prayer we made our way into the Upper Room. Wow! I’ll never forget the acoustics in this place. Spontaneous praise broke out as our hearts were flooded with love, joy, and goodness. It wasn’t long after when the same thing happened at the pool of Bethsaida. What started off as a single man leading a chorus with a simple chord progression turned into a harmonious choir of worship. Presence was filling the atmosphere and Jesus was drawing all men to Himself.

View from the top of Mount Carmel!!!!

Looking down at the Valley of Jezreel

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