Monday, February 27, 2012

why I'm done playing church

because Jesus is so much better.

It doesn't mean I'm not going to go to Sunday morning worship. It doesn't mean I'm backsliden and forsaking the assembling of believers. It doesn't mean there is no value in pulpit preaching. It has its place. It has its fruit.

What I'm talking about goes beyond title, beyond business of a "ministry", beyond precedented times of prayer and worship. There's a voice calling us out to go deeper, to search wider, to seek truth outside the box and its echoing the Church of Acts 2. To not go to church, but to BE the chur

I love my fellow brothers and sisters. Hear my heart in this, less we harden our hearts like the religious people in the days of Jesus. Isn't it interesting that we rebuke and harrass the heart behind the Pharisees but fail to see it in ourselves as well? For me, the sobering reality has been that Jesus literally broke every religious rule, jurisdiction and order of that day!

What would each of our lives look like if we embraced every aspect of the life of Jesus? Did Jesus say He gave Himself partially to the Church? Did the Bridegroom say His Bride would only be half His? No. And as ridiculous as it sounds we have a large generation of people not walking out the reality that they have been made ONE with Jesus, and that He has given us His whole self without restraint! We have become a people coping with their demons rather than being delivered from them because we fear our sin more than we fear God. We are trying to empress people in the four walls of what we call "church", rather than loving God first.

Oh Church! We were called to so much more! Relevency cannot hold you. Talented musicians will not sustain you. We teach what we know but we can only impart WHO WE ARE. Programs will bring people but they may not bring the presence. Where is the presence? Where is the presence? Where is the presence?

I've commited my soul to the Lord. All my days are fashioned by Him. Whether in my home, in the secret place, or whether amidst a congregation before man, my heart will be rendered to the Lord. I will radically love, willingly obey and freely walk in the liberated life Jesus gave me. Did He not die for nothing that we still be entrapped by that man of old, that spirit of religion?

Come. Come join the rollercoaster of freedom. Its so much better to Be His. You were not built by man's hands. You were made for His glory. Be free to be His glory. Be ALL His. You don't have to be afraid. Were all wanting something real. We all want Him. Its sometimes hard to let go into the unknown. But He's saying its ok. Its ok my Love. I've given all that I am so you could do so.

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