Friday, March 2, 2012

a riddle

I'm the centerpiece in the American home
I'm worshipped everyday.
You even arrange your furniture around me.
Now I am at the gym, and sometimes at every machine.
You love to spend time with me that life would be hard without me.
I've become one of the family and I' m treated with honor
I teach quanitity, not quality, because thats what life's really about.
The more you take in the better you can live your life in the satisfaction of others living.
I make you feel good instantly, that you can't help to come back again and again.
I'm aware that bigger is better and so you save to make sure I am just that.
In fact, put me in every room and you'll be sure to make everyone in the house feel better.
I am your safety. I am pleasure. I am entertainment.

Who am I?

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