Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who is Israel?

I have had a word burning in me since I've been in Israel that I never really got a chance to release. I often look back at our trip and am in complete amazement. I literally only slept 4 days out of the 9 we were there! Now thats a supernatural wonder! And I'm still in awe of the strength that came to the team while we were there. I think we've only tasted the true significance of this trip for us all.

So, I need to be obedient and rightfully share this word that I tarried through the night with while we were in Israel. If it speaks to you may God take you on your own journey through the scriptures and even begin to teach the Church about who she really is.

The word is this - Israel is a physical place, with a significant promise. But its the spiritual Israel that has been neglected in us that leads us to neglect her as a nation.

Who is Israel?

Why would God say, "I choose Judah and Jerusalem as my possession." (zechariah. 2:12) and also say through Peter speaking to "aliens" that they are a chosen people, a royal preisthood, a holy nation, a people for His possession (1 Peter 1:1, 2:9) and also Paul say to Gentiles that God CHOSE them for salvation FROM THE BEGINNING? (2 thes. 2:13)

Are we ALL God's chosen people?

Does Israel only make-up Jewish believers or does it just include New Covenant believers (replacement theology)? Or does it include them both?

We must understand that God NEVER said He makes His covenant with the House of Jews or with the House of Gentile believers. He said He makes His covenant with the House of Israel! So we must rightly define who Israel is to know who He is making covenant with.

Exodus 4:22 says, "Israel is my son, my firstborn."But who is really God's firstborn son, the son of many sons? Yeshua Messiah! He is the true son, Who will join Israel together in the last days. Isaiah 49:1-6

Israel IS the true Bride of Christ. When the Church recognizes they are a part of Israel, a part of the seed of Abraham (Hebrews 2:16), who is joined together by Yeshua, it is then that she is truely able to carry the heart of God for Israel. The joining of Ephraim and Judah, which I believe are the two olive trees in Revelation, is symbloic of the one new man....The Bride He is coming back for without spot or wrinkle (this is why Jew and Gentile must walk hand in hand). We are Israel. And there is a deep deep mystery when we come into the understanding that we are a part of her. Think about this - Abraham was not born jew. He was a man without a God....he worshipped the sun, moon and stars. But then God revealed Himself to Abram and he believed, changing his name to Abraham. It was Abrahams faith that God brought the promise. His faith bore him a people chosen by God (which also made him the first Jew). It is also by your faith that you too bear the promise.....the promise of life.

I know this is a lot and could be an exhaustive study (and should become one). But simply this is what I heard the Lord digging deep within my heart. Rev. 21:9 Who is Israel? This is the real question. Is it physical or spiritual? Is it both? Physical Israel and God's covenant He made with them is a foreshadow of the covenant promise He is making with the Spiritual Israel, His Bride, His Beloved.

I believe we are leaving in defining times right now. The Church is being redefined by going back to the foundational example Christ gave by breaking bread with one another and fulfilling the greatest commandment to love God and love people. Though there are some who would like to remain in the old wineskin... God is doing a NEW THING (Is. 43:19). He is bringing brothers and sisters together to dwell together in love and unity. We must not forsake Israel, for we are a part of her. This is why America's choices for our stance with Israel is so important. An attack on Israel is direct attack on both the Jew and the Gentile believer. We MUST see ourselves as one. It is only then that we can genuinely pray for her, stand with her and be joined to her. Some stay in the old, while other replace the new with the old. I believe Jesus fulfilled the law by marrying the two. Food for thought.

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