Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Outworking of Love

Teach me Jesus how to love. How to lay down my life, for You and for others. help me Yahweh, to do what you've asked of me, to give of myself in the way You desire - and to do it with joy, knowing you are pleased with those actions. 1 John says not only to love in word, but also in deed and truth. Help me to do that Jesus.

Those who live in Life, love life and love their brothers. But those who hate only know how to hate because they do not know Life, only death. But I choose Life. I choose to love even those who hate me because in that, there is life.

Help me Jesus to abide in You. Abide in me so we may be One, and in that oneness I cannot condemn myself because there is no condemnation in You. In fact, you said that if my heart condemns me, You are greater than my heart! And greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. Would You live Your life through me Jesus? May all my concerns, cares of this world and the fear of what people think, crumble at the tree, in which all those things were crucified with You. because, really, You said i am a stranger in this world and they would not know me because they do not know You.

How good and perfect You are Lord. you are the vast fullness of Love and there is not one thing more lovely and pure. May i be the lovely and pure vessel You desire to live out in me. Your way Jesus. the flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing - you are much greater than my heart. My heart may fail, but Love does not. And you have already over-come every obstacle, so I choose to trust. My life is really Your life and Your life is really mine. Master me Jesus...


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