Friday, April 27, 2012


What’s up everybody!!!!  We want to send word back to the east coast of all the incredible encounters we had in California.  It was a true honor to link shields with Roger Joyner and the Burn crew in Oroville, California!  The city of Oroville has a large number in poverty and they are contending for renewed hope in their region.  We believe God is raising up the Tabernacle of David in Oroville, and believing hope-deferred would be eradicated and renewed hope and the testimony of Jesus would triumph in the region.
The highlight of our journey was spending quality time with the Oroville BURN.  It was a blessing to encounter a crew who is as passionate and hungry for the presence of God as you all are.  It encouraged our heart to see a company of radical lovers of God tarring through the late night and crying out for restoration in the early morning.  These people are true contenders to see justice, love, and mercy established in their land. 
While in California, we also had the opportunity to visit Bethel in Redding.  Our hearts were encouraged as we sat under the ministry of Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton, and other honorable fathers of the faith.  As great of an experience this was, I can honestly say the highlight was to plow and pioneer a resting place for God in Orville.  Something legendary happens spending countless hours with people who have pioneering hearts.  I’m thankful for the regions in our nation where a Kingdom culture has been established such as Redding, CA.  But I can honestly say I desire to see greater things than these in regions such as Oroville and Rochester.  Why?  Because we are standing on the shoulders of leaders such as Bill Johnson.  THEIR CEILING HAS BECOME OUR FLOOR!!!!!
Lastly we had a great opportunity to visit San Francisco, with Roger and his wife Gabriel.  These two led JHOP (Justice House of Prayer) in San Francisco for two years.  On our way to the city Roger gave testimony of their time in San Francisco.  The cry in his heart became contagious as a spirit of travail fell upon the car and we wept for the city.  Entering into the city limits we spent most of our time in prayer as we visited the AIDS memorial and the Castro District, the largest homosexual community in our nation.  Our cry has become,
“Lord, raise up your house of prayer in San Francisco!  Raise up a company of people who carry an anointing to break the back of HIV!!!  Let us see a movement in our day that would contend for the deliverance of those who wrestle with homosexuality, and a community of  believers who will love San Fransisco into their destiny!”
Returning home we have great expectancy in our heart to see further break-through within the Rochester region.  This is why we are alive on the Earth!  This is why Jesus has entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation!  We won’t bow our knee to mediocrity!  Nor will we tolerate a form of Godliness with no power!  We are lovers at heart, and warriors by trade!  It has been such an honor to love and cry with you all.  We are who we are today because we have found a company of people to live with and a company of people to die with.  I’m convinced that the  keys in fulfilling the destiny of our lives fall in the hands of our brothers and sisters.  Please continue to unlock our dreams as we fervently and persistently unlock yours.  With an unyielding love, we look forward to reuniting our hearts with yours.    
One will put one thousand to flight but two, ten thousands,
Love Always,
Brandon and Crystal 

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