Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loving radically

Greetings family and friends!!!
 Burn Rochester Crew
Sorry its been a good month since we've shared any news! We have been EXTREMELY busy on 
God adventures! In the past year we have experienced incredible measures of God’s presence by mobilizing the corporate body of Christ in the Rochester region to a place of worship and prayer. Monthly we gather night and day fulfilling the greatest commandment, loving the Lord our God." In the place of “worship and intercession” we are raising up a generation of people who walk in “first love". We believe the second commandment (loving people) flows out of the first commandment (loving God). Therefore, BURN 24-7 is a movement centered on His presence." Our primary ministry is to the Lord and then to man. In one year we have experienced great momentum in the midst of raising three children, working and going to school full time. His Grace has been sufficient and His Presence has been leading us. Out of the place of loving God, spending countless hours in His presence, a time came to begin to fulfill the great commission." Since August of 2012 our BURN ROCHESTER CREW has taken ten different domestic mission trips Because Jesus said, “you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit is come upon you; and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the Earth.” "As we have tarried with the Lord for countless hours in His presence,we can honestly say we have been filled with power! We have left our Jerusalem (Rochester) and have begun to travel abroad to several different cities including: Chicago IL, Harrisburg PA, Wilmington and Middletown OH, Cambridge and Salem MA, Port Huron and Detroit MI, Kansas City MO, Jerusalem Israel, Austin TX, and San Francisco CA, and soon to be Belfast, Ireland!!!!

Raising up Radical Lovers...
Our Vision: Regional transformation through loving God and loving people.
Our Mission: Discipleship through teaching the commandments of Christ: Loving God and loving people.

Looking back at our travels God has used our team's gifts to unconventionally build up His Body in every city. It has become clear we don’t need a ministry name, nor do we need a platform. All we need is LOVE! Jesus said, “If you love Me you obey me.” Out of love we have taken the initiative to say YES when Jesus tells us to DO something. We have seen it with our eyes. Every time we follow through with what we are hearing, His Spirit comes and people get touched with His presence. We are compelled by His love, captivated by His beauty, and smitten by His faithfulness. We've given our hearts fully to Him!

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