Friday, August 3, 2012

Need YOUR Help!

BadgeHEY FRIENDS! I know I've probably been a broken record on asking for your help in this. But I REALLY AM IN NEED OF YOUR HELP. We've only made 25% of my goal with only 5 days left. The stipulation is that if we don't meet our goal then we get nothing (so all pledges will be sent back to those who pledged). Please read the update and forward! This is how you can help: purchase the pre-sale of the album, forward this to your friends, and pray into this. If you're contemplating getting the album or donating, TODAY is the day to do it. 

We are in serious need of your help to finish this project! We have 5 days left to raise the remaining $750 needed for this album to get out to the public! As a community and as a people passionate about radical extravagant love for God, would you sow into this album today? If only 30 of our friends give $25 we will meet our goal. Or is only 15 of our friends gave $50 we would have met our goal. This TOTALLY POSSIBLE! Help us get the word out. Blessings!

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