Sunday, March 20, 2016

we are not enemies - a call to love

My faith may be different than yours. But we have something in common that runs thicker than what we may believe. We both have blood running through our veins. We both have a heart that pumps that blood to nourish the rest of the body. Our spirits are like that. The heart is in need of something to believe in so it nourishes our soul. I'm not telling you what to believe - I'm merely saying go after something beyond human means. Faith is the thing that keeps the spirit pumping blood to our spiritual hearts when life just isn't turning out the way we'd expect it. Faith actually creates substance in our lives. We're not enemies because we believe differently. Is it not Love that binds our wounds, heals the broken-hearted and sets us free from life's burdens? It is also LOVE that binds us together as the human race. YOU ARE NOT MY ENEMY. We need to stop fighting because we believe differently than one another. Whether you believe God is real or not, does not excuse our behavior or animosity we have shown to one another. It's time to change the filter on which we view our neighbor. It's time to change how we respond to someone who thinks differently than me. It's time to wash each other's feet and leave behind all we find offensive. It's time to put on love. Because above every purpose, above every calling, is the call to love. Can we all agree on this? It's doesn't matter if you're christian, jewish, agnostic, atheist, muslim, taoist, buddish, hinduist, a naturalist, or a tree hugger! We have more in common as human beings than we don't. We all crave love. We all crave acceptance. We all crave purpose. We don't have to agree to live the same way to love one another. We are not birds who only flock together with those who look and act like us. We are not compromising who we are by loving each other. We are not even compromising who we are to be friends with someone who thinks different than me. Because when you live in the truth that you are FIRST called to love - you are set free from all other obligations. Love doesn't mean you have to compromise who you are to be a good friend. While in fact, it is the opposite. Love allows us to accept one another, and serve each other's heart, despite our differences.

The media is calling this year's election "the year of the angry voter". Is that how we want to be viewed? I find our intolerance towards each other's faiths, has now become intolerance toward one another completely. We are intolerant of those who think differently than us. And its happening on all sides. I'm not saying you shouldn't stand up for what you believe in . But if what you believe in becomes more important than seeing the person in front of you feel loved, we have a bigger problem than political, dogmatic, moral, or religious differences. We have lost sight of all that brings about joy in this life - all that heals and all that mends us together as men and women on this beautiful earth. "A house divided against itself can not stand" - both in the book of Mark, and quoted on different occasions by Abraham Lincoln, shows us of the end if we can not learn the art of love. We are not designed for division. The heart of the human race depends on love. If we can't learn it, we will continue to dig a endless pit of animosity. We must view each other through this lens, and in return we can learn how to truly appreciate our commonalities as well as those treasures in our differences. Love forgives. Love is sincere. Love is not conditioned on how you live or act. Love is enduring and patient. Love waits for the best. Love responds gently. Love sets dreams in motion and puts others to flight. Love is unfailing in every way, every situation, every circumstance. Love is the most difficult thing you may choose to do with your life - but its the way, the truth, and the life. Love brings us out of darkness into the light.

If we know love, we know God because God is love. God is not justice, though He will fight for you. God is not morality, although He will teach you how to live. God is not a politician, although He will lead you. There are many things we may do in the name of God, but loving should be the first. Any other mission then comes under love and doesn't get tainted by human effort. So essence, love calls us out from our humanity and into our divinity. You are called. You are chosen. You are made alive to love. Now lets go out and live in it.

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