Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short and Sweet: My Story from the Beginning

So what really prompted me to start blogging about healthy living?

Picture to right is before my health journey.

Is it really greener on the other side? My answer...YES! Over-time, starting mostly in high school, food became a comfort. When I was bored...I would eat. When I was lonely or depressed...I would eat. When I went out with friends...I would eat. I don't think I rarely ever felt hungry because I ate to much to really know its true feeling. Once I got to college, most of my activity and mobility came to a halt as I crammed in late night studying and was consumed by classes and work. With the combined powers of over-eating, eating junk, not getting enough sleep and no exercise, it didn't take more than a year for me to gain a whopping freshman 40. As I entered my second year I felt more and more lethargic and less and less happy about who I was becoming. It was then at my all time high of 210 pounds (and also when I started dating my husband) that I realized I had a problem and if it didn't get cleaned up then my future was going to pay.

In this blog, i desire to not only share my journey to weight loss, but to living a healthy life. Diets don't work because they substitute calories for nutrition. They might give immediate results, but put your body in a even more unhealthy state than when you started. This blog is not about being skinny or trying to get down to your ideal weight. This blog is designed to help others like myself...mothers and fathers, our children, young women and men who desire long life. Over the past four years I have learned so much more beyond using food as my god, but I have also learned how to be a good steward of the body God has given me. Over time I would like to share with you and others about this journey, without information that can seem overwhelming. This is why I plan to start slow and I promise to never say or recommend something I haven't already tried or seen proven true. I also will try to sight any resource I have come across that I may have gotten my information. Of course there are things I will not be able to sight only because I have come to learn them over-time and have studied them leisurely.

Picture to left is after 2 years of getting healthy.

What we put in our bodies can determine how long we want to live! "Ignorance is bliss" is the good old saying, but the truth, ignorance can kill us. Here are three basic biblical principles I will continually hit:

1. Eat foods God created for you.
2. Don't altar God's design.
3. Don't let any food or drink become your god.

My small disclaimer is that this blog is not being written to prevent or cure any specific disease. But my prayer is that you will be inspired....inspired to live healthy lives, so you may able to enter into the ultimate measure of God's blessings.....LONG LIFE!

If you would like to follow this blog I would love to hear your comments and your own experiences or even questions. I appreciate any disagreements or constructive criticism to be sent directly to my email. The blog is designed to help people, so anything that could cause discouragement I would try to refrain from commenting. May this be a humbling experience for all of us!



  1. Crystal! your beautiful!

    Glad you have blog! YAhoo! to a new blog buddy. :0)

  2. LOVE YOU! So excited your started this! I would love to do it also someday!

    ps. I had to use Aaron's email for this. Aaron did not type message.

  3. Hi Crystal! What a wonderful blog. Before kids I worked in the natural health field and still stick to many of the things I have learned. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  4. Hey girl I ddin't realize that you had a blog!!! I love it, like you I am all about healthy, fit, exercise (maybe a lil to much), organic foods, and nurtition I'm very excited to start reading your blog

  5. cool sarah! I had been wanting to start a blog for a while but wanted it to be on something i'm passionate hence, this blog exists.


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