Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what's in YOUR fridge?

Well, I'm gonna show you what's in MY fridge. Will you show me yours?

I cannot lie. I totally took this idea from another blog. If you ever want to check out a blog I have recently been reading its really cute. You can view it here, and she's got some great disciplines in eating healthy with all 6 of her kids and hubby!

I thought this was a great idea to start some discussion, but also to show you that I really do try my best in all that I am talking about. It's not something I fantasize about, but that I really have tried to commit myself and my family to eating healthy. I don't claim to have all the answers, because its seems the more I know the more I feel inadequate to say the least. I am still learning along with everyone else. And there are still things in my cupboards and fridge that I wish you didn't see, but I still think its good to let it all be out in the open. And if you have questions about why I have something or not, feel free to ask. To tell you the truth, if I took a picture of my fridge next week, a lot of it would change. but this is to give you an idea of what I do and maybe help you in making some good decisions about what to put in your own fridge and cupboard. You will notice that I hardly have any prepared foods at all. Everything is done from scratch in this house.

So what is all that stuff?
So, not having organic peanut butter really bothers me because peanuts hold on to the pesticides sprayed on them. But for the time being I was going through so much peanut butter that I had to buy the natural stuff instead because it was getting so expensive. I need to just start making my own! And of course the pre-assembled breadcrumbs really bothers me as well, but when time is on a crunch they are there when I need them. But this is so much better made yourself as well.....

I add wheat germ and flaxseed to everything. Flaxseed has so many benefits along with vegetarian omega-3's and fiber, and wheat germ has folic acid and is great for aiding in stabling your immune system and recouping after being sick. I add to my granola, my fruit smoothies, my cereals. But make sure you grind your flaxseed so your body can easily absorb its nutrients:)
So can you tell yet that we really like asian food? We love sushi and all the thai dishes! Lee's Asian Market in Henrietta sells everything you need for a much more reasonable price than Wegmans. I think I remember Wegmans was selling 10 seaweed wraps for $4. While Lee's was selling 100 for &8. Geez! What a pays to shop around!!!
Can you tell this is a lot of what Abigail snacks on? Ha ha. hence all the goodies, cookies, crackers and raisins. I usually do organic raisins as well, but gotta blame this one on the hubby. He picked those up for me. Love him, but he would ultimately go for what's cheap, not what's good for you. But I give him a lot of credit, after watching Food Inc. he couldn't bring himself to buy the regular milk. i was so proud of him when he came home with the organic! Good job sweetheart!

I love how people think you're crazy until someone who is smarter than you shares with the world what the heck you're talking about. A must read for all is Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. if you get a chance, its an awesome resource on what is happening with our food today.

So, share! Questions, concerns, comments? What's in your fridge?


  1. Crystal -
    i don't think you should EVER feel bothered by what's in your fridge/pantry if you really are trying to live as healthfully as possible (unless of course it's things like chocolate bars and ramen noodles :] then, yes, feel bothered!). This is why I don't like to read a lot of holistic blogs - because they make me feel bad about not being 100% organic and that just shouldn't be the case!! I'm a stay at home mom with two small children and we sacrifice A LOT so I can stay home with them. Sometimes there just isn't enough money in the good ol' bank account to buy EVERYTHING all natural and organic, and I KNOW that I SHOULDN'T feel bad about that since I do my best.

    So, sure, it's something to strive for and hopefully someday we'll be 100% organic in our house, but in the meantime...I'm going to be thankful for the food I DO have and not beat myself up over it...because it could be so much worse.

    that being said, it's good to see your living what you teach :)

  2. Where do you buy your bulk items? Flaxseed, whole wheat flour, etc;

  3. thanks michele. really appreciate that! and very encouraging.

    alana - i actually get them in PA:( i have a friend who visits every so often and I ask her to always bring me what I need. She leaves in Omish-ville. ha ha so the bulk items are so cheap. I'm not sure if they sell something like that here. i get my raw sugar, my flaxseed, wheat germ and flour all from there 'n bulk.

  4. I couldn't find a sandwich bag to put my half eaten orange in. I could have sworn there were some in our cuberds. Then I remembered. I checked out my wives blog and it led me right to them. Thank you Crystal. lol

    I'm just pulling your leg. Of course. I'm very thankful for you convictions on eating healthy. And truly eating healthy is something we all have to learn how to do. If it wasn't for you babe I know I would be eating garbage, so I thank you for you love towards me by cooking incredible, and I mean incredible meals from scratch. You truly are a women of virtue, and God gave me the ultimate blessing when He gave me your hand in marriage. Your the best. Keep it up! Its a message that has to be heard. And I'll support you by eating what ever you make. mmm sooo good!


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