Thursday, April 8, 2010


The other day we were standing outside Planned Parenthood. Those who are ignorant may drive by and see a facility promoting family planning. Those who have been exposed to the truth of planned parenthood see this organization from a different perspective. Standing before us was an altar of death. An altar that has sacrificed the innocent, the young, the pure, the unborn. An altar that sheds innocent blood. A blood that curses the land. For scripture makes it very clear. The shedding of innocent blood brings a curse to the land.

As we stood there we made a prophetic declaration. Planned Parenthood was receiving her eviction notice. According to the definition of eviction, eviction comes when a party breaks the law. Planned Parenthood has broken the law of God. An ordinance that has been set in place since the beginning. "Do not shed the blood of the innocent." Planned Parenthood was receiving her eviction notice that day for there is bloodshed on her hands.

Eviction also derives from the word "conquer" and "defeated." With this is mind we stood there that day with an assurance. An assurance that this alter of death within the city of Rochester would be torn down. I'm not sure how this will happen. Maybe God would supernaturally dry up the resources funding the abomination of abortion. Or maybe God would mobilize His church to take an active stance outside the facility; establishing a presence of prayer and peace.

I'm not sure how or when Planned Parenthood will come to a close, but I believe with all my heart it will. Not with acts of violence, nor through the good intentions of man. But I believe the alter of death will be torn down through God's initiative executed through His people.


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