Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Dearest Husband,

I love you more than yesterday
Because my love is growing
I admire everything about you
Without you even knowing

It's like the Lord proofs His faithfulness in all that you are to me.
It's wonderful watching you grow into all that God created you to be.

Admiration fills my being. You have come so far.
Now full of life and liberty, how beautiful you are.
Being all that God has intended for you,
The sky isn't even your limit,
The possibilities are endless
When the Spirit of the Lord is in it.

I am completely in love with you, you are my best friend
I promise to walk with you until we reach the end.
For I do not know what heaven looks like, or even if we'll be wed,
but this I know is true, loving you forever is what I intend.

Thank you, my love, for setting yourself a part
Putting Jesus first and giving Him your heart.
It truly shows in all you do, In every inch of your being.
Allowing God and humbling yourself to see what He is seeing.

Thank you friend, for all that you are to me.
You provoke me to be more, to live as if I am free.
Free to be myself was your best advice.
No matter what the cost, no matter what the price.
Because in Christ i can do all things,
It's how you've shown me to live.
You've done it by example,
It's absolutely what you give.

How extravagant your love is for the deepest things of God.
Your desire to know and love Him I have always awed.
So know, my husband, how deep my love is for you.
And I am committed to you in whatever we decide to do.
In choosing to walk together, side by side in life
I am happy to be with you and honored to be your wife.


  1. thanks for being such a role-model couple! seriously...i'm not just saying that because you are my sister, but the way you and brandon have carried yourselves through your relationship, or should I say the way you have allowed God in your relationship, from the very beginning, I admire.

    Thanks. Love you both mucho! and obviously, love your kids too!


  2. Though I'm more than twice your age, I humbly look up to you both for the way you love God, each other, your children, and others. There is no doubt in my mind that you deserve each other, for He saved the best for each of you.
    Happy 4th anniversary! As you grow from glory to glory in Christ Jesus, may every year get sweeter than the one before. Lovingly, Heidi :)


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