Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Did you know...
...that i have flaws?

I sometimes don't do what I'm told.
I can become anxious.
I can be unloving toward my husband.
I can be frustrated with children.
I don't always eat the way I should.
i sometimes have food on my floor,
and bugs in my house.
I don't make my bed,
and I stay up way too late.
I don't like to call people back
and i'm not always a perfect friend.
I sometimes have idle time
and don't use it wisely.
I don't always have "happy" thoughts
and i can be obnoxious.
I don't always trust God
and i fight with the fear of man.
i think my way is the best way
and i forget others' ideas
i'm usually not on time
and can't seem to keep to a schedule
i feel confined in ridgidiment,
and i sometimes can't spell big words like that.
I sometimes lose my patience
and lean on my own understanding.

But you know what? God STILL loves me! And He still loves you, so let's stop beating ourselves up for all the imperfections and allow God BE is what makes Him.... well, HIM. It only His Love that perfects us!

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