Thursday, August 12, 2010

Organic deals anyone?

Earthbound Farm

I thought I'd let all you beautiful people know that if you go to Earthbound's website and set up your contact info. with them they will send you a fair amount of great coupons. I received two free products, six $1 $ 75cents off, and their newsletter. It's a real blessing when you are eating organically. The only place that i have seen Earthbound products is at Walmart...if you know of any other places we can get their stuff let me know. I would prefer to shop other places if i can . And also their containers are also made from recycled bottles, which is another plus to treating God's creation better :-)

Organic coupons everyday -

And if you're really interested saving on, not just produce, but other organic products (including produce and soap, lotion, cleaning supplies, etc.) then here is a wonderful BLOG for you to check out....

And lastly my favorite coupon site I have seen thus far is Whole Food Market website. Please check it out...a lot of the coupons are on food found at Walmart or Wegmans!

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