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the fight for justice: eugenics

Birth Control.
Feminist Movement.
Planned Parenthood.

How did it all start?

How did it all start? And though some of you probably don't think it about it all, most of you would probably even care less to hear the facts. In fact, a part from the rest of the world, a vast majority of Christians are using birth control and, many I've met, unwilling to hear anything beyond what they already know. If you would like to read my blog on birth control please click HERE.

But how did it all get started? As my husband and I continue to serve the LIFE movement, we keep coming back to this very thing.....EUGENICS. Eugenics is "the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)". Simply put: It's the idea of an ideal race, which ultimately makes it an elite race, because you must fit into a specific inherited characteristics of both physical and mental class. Those who honor the eugenics movement talk of both bad and good eugenics. "Eugenics is good when it is based on a realistic understanding of our limited knowledge of biological inheritance, and when it is guided by a moral sympathy for the weaker members of society. Eugenics is bad when it is motivated by a utopian vision of human perfectibility through the breeding of superior races, and when it is unchecked by humanitarian sympathy." Darwinists would consider them to believe in good eugenics. Although, I'm not sure about that because Darwins belief is that we evolved from apes, and many eugenicists use that as leverage to say that Africans, those who look ape-like, are not evolved completely. This is why eugenics was huge during the slave trade. Africans were considered to be ignorant, illiterate and treated as animals - why? Because of the link between Darwinism and eugenics.

In fact, guess who helped fund Margaret Sanger's, founder of Planned Parenthood, move toward women's rights to birth control? Yep, you got it. Eugenics. Sanger needed funding for her belief for contraceptives so she turned to eugenics for the help. If she could convince Eugenicists that they could use birth control as a way of controlling birth rate of those who were not ideally fitting the class they preferred, it would help them serve their greater purpose. And this is the beginning of what we now see as modern racism. 98% of all Planned Parenthood's are placed in minority neighborhoods. Since 1973, legal abortion has killed more African Americans than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and violent crime combined. Every week, more blacks die in American abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam war. Don't believe anything I'm saying? I encourage you to watch this documentary and know the facts:

When will the fight for justice end? When will people seek to know the truth? When will we be willing to change what we want to do and ask God what he thinks about all of this?

Eugenics - you call it revolutionary....I call it evil.


  1. People can purchase their own copy of Maafa21 and find out how racist and eugenics Margaret Sanger and her band of Planned Parenthood was - here

  2. The claims made in this post are poorly mis-informed and show a lack of historical knowledge regarding the roots of racism and eugenics.

    Racism was around long before the modern understanding of eugenics. While it could be said in the general sense that racism has been part of the human condition since the "fall of man," it can more specifically be traced to the time period leading up to when the Church and Europeans began enslaving the peoples of Africa and other lands. As Europe and the Church were preparing to divide up Africa to exploit resources for profit, they knew the public would need to be sold the justification for these actions. Exploitative actions which included slavery. They needed to design a system which would place Africans and other dark skinned peoples at a lower status in every area of life. People had to be taught this. Furthermore, the people who were eventually enslaved had to be systematically de-humanized over several generations so the damage to their psycho-social-spiritual self would be lasting and passed on. This is exactly what happened and we are still seeing the effects today.

    So when you make claims about the roots of modern racism being directly linked to Darwinism, Eugenics, and Margaret Sanger, you are making false, severely misinformed, and flat out wrong claims.

    While you may disagree with Darwin's theories and findings, he actually had very little to do with slavery and racism. As for the Eugenics movement in the U.S. and other western nations, they were operating on centuries old lies which had been constructed and fabricated to perpetuate the "differences" between "races." These fabrications coming primarily from the Church and Europeans. As years of thorough, scholarly research has shown, the very idea of race is a social construct. (If you have attended a liberal arts college and taken sociology courses or others dealing with foundational issues of race, class, and gender, you would have a basic understanding regarding present day perceptions of race.) I am in no way defending the notion of a "perfect race," I am merely pointing out the gaping holes in your claims.

    As for Margaret Sanger, her primary goal was to give women and families in poverty a fighting chance at survival. She knew that it was a tragedy and great measure of irresponsibility for children to be born into a world and family which could not provide for them. Which is why she knew birth control needed to be accessible for all. The language in her writings was indeed strong in regards to a "perfect race," but I think she is poorly misunderstood. In a sense, I see her as making satire or mocking the "American Dream" or idealism of the "perfect American race." I do not believe she was motivated by racism or by eugencis. But then I suppose like many other writings, the view on these issues can be largely dependent on the individual reader and interpretation.

    So please, before you continue repeating claims made by so many others for the sake of peddling this particular position on birth control and abortion, conduct some real research and do some reading so you will know your history more accurately. Then you might have a halfway decent argument based on more concrete, historical facts.


  4. Thanks for the video, very informative :)


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