Friday, January 21, 2011

let Your glory

So I could go on and on about this particular topic so I know it may seem redundant for many:-)

But bear with me as I believe when there is a reoccurring message in your heart it's worth listening to. It means God may be shifted something with that "Word" that's in you....He may just be wanting to ignite a flame in the heart of people when something cannot stop resonating in your belly.

What is that for me? Right now, its moving from praying "Lord let your glory come down" to "God, let your glory COME OUT!"

here's why - Psalm 89 talks about righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. If I believe the Word of God is which I do, than I can also believe that in a moment, in an instance, God has the ability to execute His righteousness and eradicate all the injustice in our nation in a a second. But He doesn't. Why? i have to consider maybe God really does want to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. If Luke 18:7 says that God WILL avenge speedy justice to those elect who cry out to Him day and night I have to reckon with the truth that speedy justice is conditioned upon my part, that my role makes a difference. GOD DESIRES THAT JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS BE EXECUTED THROUGH HIS PEOPLE!

Which brings back to that thought i mentioned in the beginning...maybe instead of praying let Your glory and presence come down we should be activating the glory and presence of God to come out. What would that look like for us as believers....for the Church?

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