Thursday, April 9, 2015

days do get easier

Pretty Much :) LOL!

Actually, we've finally seem to be hitting a turn these days. My oldest, still only 6, is coming to a place where she really is helpful. 
Our children are all so young, and so these past 6 years sometimes seem like only a blur. But its a blessing to see the older ones help ----- and what a relief! 

I was so impressed today by those girls! Abby helped me shovel out the chicken coop today. Then she made soup for dinner and cut everything up herself. Issy helped find the chickens and lead them back home this evening and all of them raved about Abby's soup over dinner (I don't even get that). They all knocked out within 15 min of going to bed and I'm shocked. 
They earned this nights sleep. Proud momma moment.

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