Monday, February 1, 2016

the happy runner

Something many don't know about me is that I love to run.
Some of my family know this about me.
But I don't talk about it a lot, because I don't always have the time for it.
I've been running on and off now for the past 10 years because of various things.
I've had to start over many times from pregnancy, and recovering post-partum.
I also had to take a long break in 2011 because I broke my ankle.
It was a long recovery.
But I'm back at it and its been a real joy.

Can you believe I got to run outside yesterday....the last day of January???

The sun was out.
The breeze was cooling,
yet, the air was warm.
It was the perfect day for a run.

We live on a fast-pace road in the middle of the country.
Cars drive fast, but are few.
The scenery makes for a breath-taking run.
You not only feel good about your run....
you feel good about life.

Here is a gorgeous view of Lake Canandaigua.
Just snapped with my phone while running to one of my turn-around points.

Runs on these type of days remind me of how blessed I am.
I meditate on the goodness of God.
I melt in the refreshing blow of the wind on my face.
I fly to the beat of the music playing.
And I can't help but be happy.

I am the #happyrunner

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