Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Lord's Table

Did you know that God has something to say about what you eat?

"If you will listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what he considers right, if you pay attention to His commands and obey His laws, i will never make you sufffer any of the diseases I made the Eqyptians suffer, because I am the Lord who heals you." (Exodus 15:26)

It amazes me that Adam and Eve were created in a garden. A garden full of everything they needed - full of every juicy and vitamin-rich fruit and every savory and nutrient-rich vegetable and grain. Everything came from the earth and everything went back into the earth. It was the ideal ecosystem ever! - And its because it was God's design and God said it was good.

Now we have food that has been altared and doesn't break down. Most of the food that comes from the earth has been toyed with and made to last for years on our shelves. So, we're given choices. Do we seek God to eat right in a world gone wrong? Or do we just sit back and eat what's put on our plates? i believe God has something to say about it all. Eating healthy is as much importance as any spiritual discipline. We like to point fingers with all the ungodly wrong in the world, but we rarely acknowledge a society obsessed with eating - and eating unhealthy.

My hope is that you would be provoked. My hope is that a light would come on in your heart and mind, so that you may begin to question what you put into your body. God does have something to say. I hear people say this a lot," it's all in moderation..." The saying personally urks me. Because, technically, if thats what you believe, you can eat anything you want and have no long as its in moderation, right? No! if God has something to say about what we eat, then I believe whether in moderation or not....there are going to be foods He wants us to eat and does not want us to eat. We need a healthy look at food. Food is not bad. it was created for the very purpose to keep us living....for a long time. God wants us to eat! It's what we eat and how much we eat that he has something to say.

As I started this blog, I had a few people contact me with some personal questions and seeking some genuine heart-felt change in their diet. A couple of them were desperate for change, but, in desiring to do things God's ways, had really no idea where to start. Three people, in particular, I encouraged to do a Bible study called The Lord's Table, which can be found at (Thank you Kathy for referring myself to such a study). two out of the three have gotten back to me since starting it and have shared some wonderful revolutionary testimonies of how God is speaking to them. With their huge success stories, I want to encourage others to do the study as well. Whether you think you have an addiction to food or not, its a wonderful study to get in the habit of exposing ourselves to good food designed by God. it's a 60-day study that will take you into a daily devotional of impacting your eating life. It gives open opportunity for God to speak to your diet. Then at the end, it will lead you into a fast that will help you have self-control for your future.

i realize I may be writing to the choir of people who are already on their own health journey. But even as I look at my own weaknesses (its hard for me to say "no" when its right there in my face) i see there is always room to grow. and it certainly never hurt to continually seek God on the things i choose to eat. we forget He has something to say. The more I know what He desires, the more I want to eat His way. I encourage you to let God be a part of your diet. Let's not make these decisions on our own...

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