Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the no good top 5

Lately I have really been enjoying the Dr. Oz show, because not only is he very professional, but a lot of what he says is really good and beneficial for healthy living. So these top 5 are according to Dr. Oz. I find them to be true and helpful in not choosing certain foods that will prevent healthy goals.

The Count-down:
#5. Canned foods high in sodium.
These foods are bad for your arteries and your blood pressure!

#4. FAKE healthy foods
These are your foods claiming "low-fat, low-carb, sugar-free". Foods like this have artificial ingredients in order for them to replace the fat or sugar they lack, so that they still taste good. You usually end up over-eating with foods like this because you think they are healthy, when in actuality they are awful for your body.

#3. Ingredients you cannot pronounce.
If there is even ONE ingredient that is foreign to you, than it is probably foreign to your body. A lot of extra, unnessesary ingredients cause excessive gas because your body doesn't know how to break it down.

#2. Meats high in nitrates and unsaturated fats (such as deli meats or hot dogs)
This is actually really important to listen too. The more research being done on the preserves in some of our meats, the more aware we are becoming of its risks. Recent studies have even linked these perserves to stomach cancer.

#1. Sugars (Simple sugars and enriched carbohydrates)
This is all our junk food! These range from ice-cream, to every pastry sold on our shelves to even sugared cereals. Most of your pre-packaged foods are included in this. Our bodies are on sugar over-load...its no wonder diabetes is on the rise. These foods completely disrupt your metabolism.


  1. Good blog!

    Even though our ancestors ate a lot of salt we are still in salt overload.

    Salt is fine in moderation, but we have salt in everything these days. Canned goods do indeed carry too much salt. There are a lot of bad side effects from eating to much salt. There are also pregnancy issue that can arise with too much salt.

    Best thing is to limit our amount and the best way is to buy canned goods without added salt.

  2. tim - you are right about people at one time consuming salt, a lot of times as means of survival and aided in maintaining health. But the problem exists in our refined salt, which actually strips salt of a lot of its minerals. Also kathy is right, the best example we have that we are consuming to much salt is the rise in high blood pressure in so many individuals and water retention during pregnancy. Too much salt is extremely dangerous for women who are pregnant because too much swelling can cause blood clotting. at one time, this was so rare, but now is becoming a normality in many individuals. a great resource, that supports both what I am saying and even what you have mentioned is http://curezone.com/foods/salt/understanding_salt_and_sodium.htm.

  3. I love Dr. Oz. This is a great list!

  4. My concern is that you seem to be categorizing all 'canned' food into one bucket. Back then, lacto-fermented food which is made with salt brine (and yes, sea salt, which have its minerals) were commonplace since it was the only way to preserve food for a long period of time. I believe lacto-fermented food is some of the healthiest food you can have -- it is even more nutrient dense than food that is not so fermented since the lactobacilli and other friendly bacteria has already broken down the nutrients for you.

    So my question is what kind of "canned food" do you have in mind? I sure hope you are not avoiding lacto-fermented food made with sea salt.

  5. seriously are we arguing over what canned food has higher levels of refined salt and thus unhealthy for you?????? she was just making a point (with the perspective of everything in moderation) to try and stay away from canned and stick with fresh, most canned veggies have been cooked so long nayways half the nutrients are gone. Also there are many families who really just "eat out of cans" because they do not realize just how much our bodies need fresh.. not processed.

  6. ha ha. yes, its true, i was simply trying to make a point. most individuals are not aware of the difference between one canned food vs. another, so i had to make a generalization for the sake of just getting to the point. but, still, i enjoy the discussion tim. you know a lot and your sharing may spark others to look deeper into what they are eating as well. i personally do not afford all canned foods. i also cook with sea salt and kosher salt. i usually choose to add salt myself rather than buy things that already have it added to them. simply, this last blog was a quick note to people who need a little more help in the right direction.

  7. thanks for sharing! This really is all common sense stuff, but my taste buds are so quick to make me forget!!


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