Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World breastfeeding week

I didn't even know there was such a thing! But its true....its World's Breastfeeding Week! And I must say....I'm really excited about it!

Why? may you ask. It's not just because I've been a nursing mom for the last 3 years. But I'm also a breast-feeding advocate, willing to fight for our rights to nurse our children everywhere and anywhere. that's right. Did you know that our nursing rights are at stake? that is, if you're in a public place. Here's a mom who was almost arrested in Target for nursing her child publicly. But to assume a mother has to find a "secret" place everytime she has to feed her child is absolutely ludricious to me.....but none-the-less, many are advocating to "close-up-shop" for public nursing. It's sad, but true. Here's some tips on how to discreetly nurse in public.

Apart from how incredibly good nursing is for you and your baby, it's what is normal and natural. God's design was for us to breastfeed. I know not every mother has the physical capabiliy to nurse their babies. I know many mothers who who long for it, but just can't produce milk. But even for their sakes, I choose to exercise my own freedom, knowing that if I'm capable to offer this gift to my baby, then I should absolutely take it!

So Happy Breastfeeding Week to all mommies out there who are advocating our God-given freedom to feed our children naturally! And when you get a chance check out WABA's (World Alliance for Breastfeeding) website to help protect, promote and support breastfeeding world-wide. AND if your in the Rochester area feel free to come out for Little Darling's Breastfeeding week's gathering happening right here at Cobb's Hill tomorrow!

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