Friday, August 19, 2011

3 under 3: my new normal

Hey Everyone! You'll have to excuse my absence from blogging these last couple weeks! With the adjustment of having three under three, blogging hasn't been exactly at the top of todum poll of priorities right now. But I'm hoping to get back in the groove here soon! And I know I promised an "inside look" at how the homebirth went....and I want to remind you it's a comin'. I just want to be able to provide footage and pictures as well.

Baby has had thrush for the past week, which has developed also into a yeast infection, so things have been not so pleasant for Mama and Miss Arista. But I'm hoping as it clears up to share in the future how this nursing experience has been very different than my last two.

So apart from trying to find a "new normal" by having an addition to our little family, we've still continued to press into God and be a growing family that grows into our God-given destinies. Abigail has been an amazing encouragement to me lately. She prayed for a friend of mine's back pain, and to my own doubting heart, was put to shame when God healed her! Though times are not always easy in the season my family is in, I'm always encouraged and strengthened when I see God use us in supernatural ways. It's really all about Him anyways!

And just for fun, here's some recent pics of the girls

What in your lunch box?

Today we enjoyed carrots, cucumbers dipped in hummus and pine nuts.

Along with cut sharp cheddar cheese and organic strawberry yogurt. Yum!

And sweet Arista is pretty happy on mama's milk =D
She's 4 weeks today!

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