Sunday, August 28, 2011

inside look: home birth video!

So just like I promised, we put together a short video so you could have an "inside look" of our home birth. I did end up having a water-birth as well so you can see the tub we used :-) I wish we had more actual video footage for you, but maybe in the future when there's more time for editing. For right now it's mostly pictures.

I want to say thank you to my husband, who was AMAZING! Brandon was all-around super mid-wife. He even delivered Arista (with aid from the mid-wife), getting right along with me in the tub. Certainly after an incredible birth as we had with this baby, it will be VERY difficult for us ever to return to hospital birth. Birthing in our home brought us closer together in ways that other circumstances would have not otherwise.

I recommend home birth to EVERY couple who remains low-risk during their pregnancy. I really believe pregnancy is meant to be a journey, not something we try to "survive" and just get-through. But God can really use it to bring a family together. God really showed me how pregnancy is a foreshadow of what He desires to do through us. Love produces marriage. Marriage brings covenant. Covenant produces children (fruit). It's the same way in the Kingdom of God as well. We love God because He first loved us. After love transformation, there's a covenant commitment to God (the same we make to our spouse when we say "I do"). And out of that relationship, we begin to birth life in everything we do, say and touch, and even birthing spiritual children through discipleship. Pregnancy, labor and birth are meant to be a transforming spiritual experience for us all. And now I see why God led us to have the home birth this time around.....and to think, only because of a dream. {smiles}

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