Tuesday, September 6, 2011

camping with a newborn ......and some

We went camping for Labor Day weekend and it was ....um....fun.

I guess as fun as it gets with a newborn and two children whose curiosity still keep daddy and mommy at the "top of their game" when it comes to hide-and-go-seek. Our little Israel is the most curious. One minute she'll be coloring, but don't dare look the other way cuz the next minute she'll be half a mile down the road on her own little adventure.

But with a newborn things can't get complicated when it comes to family vacations and outings. But does that mean we shouldn't do them? From my personal experience the answer is "no". Outings with the fam are healthy for EVERYONE....all for different reasons. No one likes being cooped up in the house all day. Both my girls go a little crazy when they're in the house all day. And post-pardum mothers really should try to get out every once in a while {its healthy}. You'd be amazed at how going out on an outing can aid in keeping the post-pardum blues at bay and re-energize your ability to care for your children. And its always good for Daddy to get himself into the wild for alittle outlet as well during our baby-raising days. But I know it sometimes can be scary, especially for new young families, to take the children into unfamiliar territory.

Having a loose plan can help your outing be a lot less chaotic and stressful.

1. We normally use clothe, but having two in diapers, out in the wild....um, yeah.....disposables it is!

2. Communicate! Yes, as often as we know this is vital in marriage, its so easy to go on a trip and not communicate your needs to one another beforehand and during crisis. (And yes, all to often there will be AT LEAST one crisis on a elongated family venture with little ones! - The point is....don't be scared of them.)

3. Purpose yourself that no matter how much fun you're having....go to bed at a decent hour! There is nothing worse then what ruins family vaca is that you're exhausted the next morning because you stayed up late the night before.

4. And with a newborn....prepare yourself for NO PRIVACY. All to often when leaving the home, they'll be none. I can't tell you the countless times I had to nurse the baby while sitting on a toilet because there was no where else to go. So....that means, nursing covers, changing pads, back-packs and sun hats. :D

5. Don't freak out just cuz your little one is not getting his/her nap. Come on people. Just let them stay up and go to bed earlier. Essentially BE FLEXIBLE, and allow for adjustments in your normal routine. Trust me, it's a lot less stressful if you just forget about all that, at least for momentary get-away from home.

6. Lastly, don't be scared to ask others for help. If family is around, ask them to fetch the child who just ran off while you're nursing the baby. As mommy, its hard to break the pattern of doing it all, (cuz thats what we're use to at home), but know when you're out of the home we can ask others (including the hubby) to help do their share. Doesn't the proverb go "....it takes a village to raise a child...." - just sayin'.

Love you all! Have fun venturing!

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