Saturday, February 16, 2013

it pays to not pay

I really don't love going to our public market in the winter.
But with the savings I have with going, its worth it! 
Check out what I got today all for $35!

It also pays to go local (even better when you save $)
Not everything here is local, but it will help support local businesses. 
The more we choose to shop local, the better it is for small farms.
And EVERYONE has something local by them. 
It only takes a little research to find out where to go. 
You could always check out Local Harvest for a farm near you!
Or there's Farmers Market as well.
Also, word of mouth is some of the best ways to find out what's near you! :-)

I recently watch a documentary that I {HIGHLY} recommend!

It really is a "must-see"!

It will change your perspective on health, on the farming industry, and food integrity.

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