Tuesday, February 12, 2013

what love looks like

Joshua Tongol's been here teaching our community on visualization and the power of our mind! I'm like blown away here! I can not believe how much of the supernatural REALLY is suppose to be EASY, SIMPLE and FUN!

So ever since Tongol taught on visualization and the power of the mind I've literally just been thinking positive....about myself, about every aspect of life. It's making a huge difference as a mother, and even better in the gym! I've been speaking words of life over myself that have made me accomplish more in my day! It's nuts. In addition to that I had two accounts and one healing in the last two days that visualization aided in bringing things to pass. They were so small but so significant for me.

Yesterday, brandon and I ordered a dessert, and by faith I just said she's gonna bring us two orders (we only ordered one) and then I visualized it in my mind, her bringing us two orders of baklava. When she brought the dessert over, one for us to eat then, and then a SECOND one wrapped to go!!!! And we didn't have to pay for it...just being blessed with it!

The Great and Beautiful Commandment
The second time was when I went to the YMCA today. Parking is always awful for me and then trying to get three little ones to follow me is harder. So today I visualized a parking spot right in front of the doors, and BEHOLD there it was when I arrived....right in front of the doors! It was blowing my mind! THEN, this is the BEST part.

I see a woman in the locker room who is in obvious pain. She's got exaggerated breathing, frustrated sighing, walking as in pain, getting dressed very slowly. As I'm getting ready I just sense The Lord so I walk up to her and ask if she wants to be healed. She asks me, "are you into alternative medicine." And I'm like, "we'll yes I am! Can I heal you?" And she says, "absolutely!" This women later tells me she has had cancer three times, fiber maloscia (spelling?), lots of stress, arthritis, and joints all a mess. she walks me over to a private area and I just begin to touch areas of her body and say IT IS DONE! I ask her to VISUALIZE with me that she is completely healed until she feels the reality of it. No pain, walking straight, breathing easy, etc . She said she felt electricity come out of my hands and felt fire every where I touched. And BAM, HEALED!!! She was walking different, bending different, and she had peace all over here. I told her that Jesus was the fire and electricity coming out of me.
So now she wants to come and worship with us all on Thursdays! Here's the crazy catch! She afterwards tells me she is a witch and her husband is a transsexual and then asks me "does that matter?" I almost broke in tears of joy! Seriously. I said NO! We love you! Come and worship with us. Then she says, I know it's Jesus who healed me. I want to give you my contact info! Needless to say, I am smoked by the goodness of God today! I had love that couldn't be contained.....I never felt before! Jesus IS real! Come on!

What if we love people the way God loves them? How much more can we change the world by loving others into the truth of His love and grace! I challenge us to love like He loves.

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