Sunday, July 17, 2011

fifteen facts

1. I prefer pictures with my husband if I can help it. We're one.

2. My favorite thing to talk about is my love for Jesus. If your uncomfortable talking about God, then you'll probably be uncomfortable talking to me.

3. I absolutely LOVE people. Though I'm not completely extroverted all the time. I have a real genuine desire to see people know they are loved, accepted and have purpose.

4. A passion, and somewhat hobby of mine is "back to the basics" simple living through natural parenting, green living and eating whole foods. It's a spiritual journey of sorts and i share a lot of experiences with it on my blog.

5. I have a real respect and honor for children. I believe in the next generation. My own children have made me a better person and given me an incredible amount of freedom in my own walk with God.

6. I grew up in Port Huron, MI where my family still resides. I moved to Rochester, NY on pure faith because God told me to.

7. I'm in the middle of recording a CD, named "the Song of the Bride", which I'm hoping will be ready by Christmas.

8. I'm an honest and loyal person. I live out what I believe and I back up what I say with action. Hypocrisy and apathy really grieves me.

9. I use to give piano and voice lessons before I had children.....maybe one day I'll pick up again :-)

10. I'm also a licensed cosmetologist. I currently still work one day a week at a salon and spa as a hair stylist.

11. I was a figure skater for 12 years and then my last two years on the ice I played women's hockey. LOL. I mostly left figure skating because of the politics involved (even though I loved it). And hockey just met a love I had to be on the ice. I'm really a non-violent person ;)

12. I'm a hippy at heart. I would love to live in a commute with a bunch of God-loving, radical-living, purpose-driven families and share everything. But then I wake up and realize not everyone's like that hahahaha.

13. I don't get offended very easily. I learned how to not take things personally, especially these last few years being in ministry.

14. I love love love coffee!!! I really have tried to stop. But the taste and smell are just too much. Nothing like a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

15. If I were to leave the earth today to be with the Lord the one thing I would want people to remember me by is that I was real and genuine in my love for people and my love for Jesus. To have the confidence of knowing you lived your life to its greatest potential in God is most gratifying for me.

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