Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 14

So I'm on the second week of eating no processed foods. And things have been, yes, difficult, but also really refreshing. Check out DAY 1 to see why I'm doing a no-processed foods fast.

But I do have a confession. I have tweaked it alittle :-)

I had some friends/family make me dinner in the last week or two of being pregnant. And I always think that is so thoughtful, so I decided that my dinners would be flexible. Although now I know its possible to eat an unprocessed diet, it still is a lot of work.

The hardest part has been my breakfast. I've really given into the whole cereal and milk thing every morning. Mainly cuz its fast, easily assessable and provided for me by WIC. My mornings now have mainly consisted of organic yogurt and fruit, and occasionally oatmeal with natural peanut butter (also WIC provided) and raw sugar. I did attempt home-made wheat bread last week...which turned out just "ok". Bread makers I find are not usually the best way to make your bread. Though they do a great job on the dough its best just to use your own oven when it comes to the baking. The bread I made was hearty so it tasted more bagel like than bread like....still none-the-less, great for toasting. I really wanted to make my granola this week, but things have been just getting plain hard awaiting the coming of the baby.

BUT I'm super excited. It can be any day now as I am 39 weeks and 1 day today. And God has been extremely faithful in extending grace to my body and this new diet. I was surprised to find I had actually dropped 2 pounds from my last mid-wife appt, and I think its the unprocessed foods for bump at this point is only growing! And God has been speaking really clear to Brandon a lot lately on strategic ways on going about prayer for this city. This has been a huge break-through for us and those involved in the BURN. We first recognize the importance of our roles as intercessors, but it never stops there. We must also continue to ask God to teach us how to pray, and how to ultimately be purposeful in our prayers so they carry out long-lasting fruit.

So overall, we have found this fast to be really incredible for our family. Brandon's been talking long-term goals as well since we both have felt extremely healthy while on this diet. Lord knows! :-)

Thanks everyone...for those who stand with us, pray with us and love us. We really have been blessed with an amazing family of God...both here locally and those who stand with us over distance. We have such a high honor for those whom we are relationship with. We believe covenant is certainly the "breaking" anointing that brings about Christ's transformed love in us and others. Love IS where it's at!

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