Monday, July 4, 2011

Come away

~ received during Sunday morning worship ~

Whom did you come to see?
What have you come seeking?
Do you know I am every good thing?
I am faithful.
I am the I AM who brings life to your being.
Does your heart ache?
Does your belly hunger?
Is your soul thirsty?
Is it Me you want?
This is what I desire....that you would not be a double-minded people.
That you would forsake all other lovers.
That you would say "yes" in your heart to Me and abandon yourself.
Follow Me, lose yourself in Me.
Come unto Me, and I will come unto you
and I will reign in your hearts and bring living rain to all the dead and dry places.
Taste and see my goodness.
I will feed your bellies with truth.
I will satisfy your thirst with water.
I will fill your souls with my healing Spirit.
Your worship is like honey.
Your praise is like a life-bringing harvest.
Your promises to Me are like a river that never ceases to dance.

Come, Come away with Me.....
Choose Me.
I have already chosen you.....

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