Friday, January 25, 2013

choosing a protein supplement

It's been difficult choosing a protein shake that I really like with the quality ingredients I really desire. But since training for Iron Girl, I've really been trying to keep my eye open for a whole foods based protein shake that would be cost effective for our budget. Well I finally found one I love!

This one is:
whole foods nutrition
sugar-free and free of artificial sweeteners (sugar alcohols)
made with sprouted grain
provides probiotics and digestive enzymes
all its nutrients I can pronounce

So far I have only tried the vanilla, but I plan to try the chocolate next :)
As far as taste, I wouldn't say its phenomenal, but its doesn't taste bad. And for me, it does the job. It is sweetened with stevia.

I really loved the fact that this was vegan because I already have plenty of meat in my diet. I'm not against dairy, this just happen to fit what I needed. Our family sticks pretty close to a Paleo lifestyle, so this was a great addition to getting something I don't get on a normal basis. I usually have this after a work-out or as occasional meal replacement when I'm needing it. As a mother, that can come in handy! No more days where I forget to eat!

Protein is essential after a work out because it provides the building blocks of nutrients to help your muscles repair and recover. And on a personal note, when I do not get some sort of protein within an hour or 2 after my work-out I feel very slow and lethargic. But days I do, I actually feel more energetic than normal.

If your interested, I get my raw protein (and all my other supplements) at Puritan's Pride. I don't love all of PP's products, but I've been able to find the ones I do love for a reasonable price. 

Also, if this protein powder doesn't suit you, maybe your looking for something WITH dairy. There's also lots of great powders out there with quality whey protein concentrate. Dr. Mercola sells some (but their pricey). Either way, make sure when you're buying a protein supplement its whole foods based, there are not any ingredients in it you can't pronounce, and that its a concentrate NOT an isolate. Isolates are very detrimental to your health and you will want to avoid them AT ALL COSTS! Highly recommend you catch Mercola's youtube video on the differences between whey protein concentrates and isolates. 

What protein powder do you like?

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