Saturday, January 9, 2016

joyful chaos: my new normal

I love my life. I'm really not just saying that. Yes, of course, everyday presents its challenges. Comments of "I could never do that..." or "I don't know how you do it..." or "glad its you and not me...or the most repeated one of them, "YOU HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL!" Oh yes I do!!! My hands are full of beautiful, priceless, brilliant, happy little people - and I wouldn't have it any other way! Sometimes you have no idea of what you're capable of until you make the plunge. I am living out my dreams. I haven't always dreamed of having a big family, but there has been an increasing tenderness in my heart for seeing the next generation flourish in the love of God. It's been an interesting journey of surrender to the Lord. A few years back, while in Israel, I felt the Lord deeply challenging me to give Him my womb. He spoke to my heart and said if said "yes" to Him every child I birth will be world changers, and each would be hand selected to us as parents. I felt over-whelmed, yet filled with unexpected joy....and it's just the beginning.

 We have good days...and some days with many hiccups - but all my days are full of good things.

Sometimes the chaos is nothing but "zoning" every part of the house,
just to make sure everyone is alive.

Warm days are spent outside on 12 acres of property, adventure after adventure
My children have brought a world of creativity that I would have never known a part from them.
They see through a lens that is brighter, bigger, and filled with more hope than any person I've met.


"...excuse the mess, the children are making memories..."

and of course I have my moments....

But most days are filled with wonder, awe, and enchantment.
Filled with tea parties with Jesus, dancing with flags, ribbons, and streamers, painting pictures endlessly, making up stories, exploring nature and playing with the chickens.....
the list goes on and I'll never be bored again!

 I'm certainly glad I married Super Man!
Otherwise I may just be a bit tired.

OK, sometimes I do get tired.

My life is all I could have hoped for and more.

I have a life-partner that I am in love with, who loves me.

We are building a beautiful future
with 5 beautiful girls,
17 chickens,
on 12 acres,
in the Finger Lakes,
while loving Jesus.

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