Sunday, January 17, 2016

Museum of Play

The Museum of Play is a special place for children.
It's rare to find a place that ALL the children LOVE to go,
and there's something for each of them.

This year my family went in on a membership to the museum as a Christmas gift.
It will be well used. :-) Here's our highlights!

Sesame Street set with a whole corner from Elmo's World.

Everything is shrunk down to "kid size",
including this cool post office wear the kids can write and mail letters.

Out of everything, the girls stayed the longest in this one area that had a full kitchen from the early 1900's. Even included an ice box. They were provided dresses to look the part, and they dove right in!
It totally reminded me of something I would have seen with their American Girl dolls.

 Washing clothes efficiently....

...and don't forget to iron

fetching water is a daily duty,

but she doesn't seem to mind.

Cupcakes anyone?

mmmmm....time to eat! Anyone think "Little Women"?

The [pretend] grocery store there is Wegmans - of course!
Only the best.

 even Heidi went shopping...

 Don't drink and drive people!

Every month the museum has one special exhibit.
This month is Sid the Science Kid, a personal favorite.
It included things from the show.
I didn't get a lot of pictures since my eyes will all over Heidi,
but it was quite good for the littles.

"Jack and the Beanstalk"
and the Giant's home 

making crowns...


Adventures with Bernstein Bears
and all the great things these bears accomplish...



sky gazing

And the bears always grow organically...

selling hand made goods at the Quilt Shop

Heidi really wanted to buy one.

again, cooking up something in the kitchen

And what is a museum of play without a Super-hero?
The kids got to be Superman for a day and climb buildings.

Abby, always helping out here sister...

Or you could always do what Heidi does and show off by only using your feet

This was Abby's favorite part of the museum.
She dressed up like a queen while exploring the whole area for half our time here.
And I got to play with Heidi and Arista in the sand box.


We ended our day on the train.


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