Sunday, January 24, 2016

worship warrior

Abigail is my first born daughter. She is extremely special. The Lord has marked her at a very early age. I remember when I was pregnant with her. I would speak to my womb about her greatness. I would tell her that she would be like King Josiah, who only by the age 8 ruled over a nation, and was known for righteousness. We would sing to her and baptize her in worship and love. I have grown from teaching her, to her teaching me. God has met with her, loved on her, and speaks to her. Personally, this is new territory for me. I have never seen a child so young have faith that is so real. She doesn't know fear. She doesn't question or doubt. She doesn't reason His existence. She is lost in Him and its the delight of my heart. She feels deeply in her relationship with the Lord. She's not a child giving me all the right answers because she's been trained to do so. No, her response and her worship is pure, genuine, and full of radiant love. She is in complete surrender.

It has been an interesting road for Abigail. She is unlike most children. For fun she has tea parties with Jesus, worships with flags, and writes in her prayer journal. She comes alive when she does so. But many are not use to such things in children, and though her heart is full of joy, full of affection, she has undergone persecution as well. She has been told not to worship certain ways, or that she has to be older to do certain things, or insinuated that her worship and fire was not genuine but to draw attention to herself. And though it is far from the truth, Abigail has not let nay-saying influence her negatively. In fact, she has used it to fan the flame. I remember one night as we sat and talked before bed - Abigail began to passionately speak,

"Mommy! Listen, I want to tell you something."
"Yes, Abigail."
"You know Mommy, some people may tell me to worship a certain way or to not worship a certain way. I don't really know why someone would tell me that. But what I know is I have to do what God tells me to do."
"Your right Abby."
"Yeah...and I can't care what others say or think. Because I care more about what God thinks."
"I agree Abby. The Holy Spirit guides you and is in you."
"Yeah, and I'm not gonna care I'm just gonna worship..."

The fire in her eyes I'll never forget. She was marked. Her heart was passionate with the zeal of the Lord. Her words were like life to my bones. Her speech put the fear of God in me. And I knew it really didn't matter. She was called to greatness.

You see, were all praying and waiting for God to do something new. But what if it comes through a child? When the Jews were waiting for their Messiah, they thought He would come as King with earthly rule and riches. But they missed him because the King who showed up was marred, humble, and without an earthly scepter. We are waiting for God to move in our homes, in our churches, in our streets, yet we struggle to release control on how a child worships. This picture seems far from the Kingdom. What if its the pure form of a child relentlessly worshipping that will break open heaven? That will command the angelic? That will heal the dying? What if its the genuine love of a child who has no fear or broken spirit that will release the captives? We must not see with our earthly eyes. We must see with the eyes of faith.

Abigail is my worship warrior. She will worship long after I have grown tired. Her Spirit is strong and full of adoration. Her strength comes from the depth of her being and comes out of her through her flags. She is not "seasoned". She is not a theologian. She is not an expert of the Bible. She is not a leader in the church. But what she is, only the King, the angels, and the cloud of witnesses know - because she's in the glory everyday.

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