Thursday, January 7, 2016

Worship Angels

Every morning the girls and I worship together before we begin school. 
This week I was thoroughly blessed by Abby and Issy in their faith. 
They dressed up and swooped in with the Spirit and worshipped their hearts out. 
They Called themselves the Angel of Fire and the Angel of Love. 

It wasn't long after that Super Angel had to show up on the scene!

We giggled, worshipped, and totally were blasted with the presence of God. It was marvelous. These girls never cease to amaze me. Their faith is so pure and raw.

Here they are flying away in the wind. So much good energy! We were getting so filled with joy!

And the Angels made sure to visit all the babies :-)

It was truly a beautiful place- watching your children worship, in free expression. I could just picture the delight on Jesus' face. How it brought Him such pleasure!

Dance, worship, believe. Because I'm sure we entertained Angels today.....

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